Waxing is an extremely effective method of temporary, but long-term hair removal.

What Are the Benefits of Waxing Facial Hair?

by Tracey Wallace

Though only a temporary treatment, facial waxing is a popular form of facial hair removal. Many woman are attracted to the treatment because of the ease, convenience, its generally long-lasting effect and a relatively low upkeep cost. Though there are a few precautions, waxing is generally safe when performed at a licensed salon.

Long Lasting

Facial waxing usually focuses on the eyebrows and upper lip, though the chin and other facial areas can also come into play. When these areas are waxed, the hair follicle is pulled from the root and temporarily removed until the hair has a chance to grow back. In general, for the facial area, hair takes about two to three weeks after waxing to grow back in. Many women also pluck or tweeze in between, sometimes allowing up to a full month before needing another waxing treatment.


The relatively low cost of a facial waxing treatment ranges from $10 to $20, excluding tip. Again, because of the long time frame in between waxings, even if you were to go bi-weekly, a facial waxing treatment would only cost about $50 a month, including tip.


Facial waxing treatments are performed at almost all certified salons, making waxing available across the country, from big cities to smaller towns. Many women look for a specialist, as different waxing methods may cause different levels of pain; but overall, finding a salon that performs facial waxing is extremely easy.

Long-Term Effects

Over time, waxing produces hair re-growth that is thinner, softer and lighter. Less coarse, lighter hair isn't as easy to see and may help to prolong the life of a wax treatment. However, there are precautions that come along with waxing. You shouldn't opt for the treatment if you are using acne medications, have diabetes or varicose veins; are sunburned or have an open wound in the area you are waxing.

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