Toddlers usually love any hands-on lessons you use to teach them.

Bible Lessons for Toddlers About the Creation of the World

by Kathryn Hatter

Teaching Biblical lessons to little ones can be enjoyable and satisfying – watching as principles come alive in their little hearts and minds. When you want to begin at the beginning, a perfect place to start is the creation of the world. Give toddlers simple Bible lessons about the creation to plant little seeds of faith that will sprout as they grow.

Read About It

With a Bible and a few picture storybooks, you can make the story of creation come alive for your toddler. Start at the beginning of the Bible, reading in Genesis. It’s fine to paraphrase the wording, to give a toddler just the highlights of God creating the heavens, earth, sky, ocean, trees, plants, birds, fish, animals and humans. Once you spark some interest, blow on those flames with storybooks that will delight a small child. Try reading “See and Say! Creation Story” by Christina Goodings, “The Creation Story” by Mary Packard and “The Story of Creation: Genesis 1-2 for Children” by Beth Atchison.

Talk About Creation

While sitting with your little one, start an engaging conversation about creation with your toddler. Tell your little one, “A loooooong time ago, back before there were any people, animals, trees, sun and even water, God was here and He wanted a family. So, God decided to make a beautiful world for us, with sky, land, oceans, trees, flowers, fishies, birdies, animals and people. All God did was speak, and these things magically appeared. Isn’t that cool?” You could go on to say, “God made everything in a special order, with day and night first, then heaven and earth; water and land; sun, moon and stars; birds and fish; animals and then Adam. The last thing God did was rest on the seventh day to give us a special Sabbath day.”

Hands-on Lessons

Using hands-on lessons will help your little one remember these details. You might help him make pictures that show the seven days of creation. For day one, try a simple, white piece of paper with half of it covered with black construction paper to show “day and night.” For day two, make a blue sky above waters of the earth, with cotton balls glued to the sky as clouds. For day three, draw pictures of green land with trees, flowers and blue oceans. For day four, you could make sparkly stars on black construction paper with a bright neon sun and a full moon glued onto the paper. For days five and six, look through magazines to find pictures of birds, fish, animals and people, and help your child cut out and glue these pictures onto a background paper. For day seven, you can find and cut out pictures of sleeping people and animals, and then glue these pictures onto a background paper.

Singing to Learn

Most kids love music and singing, so use this interest in music to drive home the creation lessons. Use made-up songs, sung to familiar tunes like “London Bridge,” “Are You Sleeping,” “Old MacDonald” and “Jesus Loves Me.” Once your tot learns the simple songs, she’ll have a head start on remembering these important lessons.

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