The Bible can provide important guidance for some teens.

Bible Relay Games for Older Teens

by Dana Tuffelmire

The teenage years are often marked with good times, good friends and fond memories. They can also be the toughest years of life, filled with emotional ups and downs, peer pressure and feeling alone in the world. The Bible can provide guidance and support for some teens facing tough times. Promote interactive learning by using relay games to teach teens meaningful scripture, biblical messages or Bible verses.

Jigsaw Relay

A jigsaw puzzle relay pits teams against each other to see who can be the first to piece a Bible verse together. Prepare for the relay by writing one Bible verse for each team on a piece of poster board. Cut the board into shapes resembling puzzle pieces. Place each team's puzzle in a jumbled pile about 30 feet from the starting point. Teams must form a single file line behind the start line. On the signal, the first person from each team runs to their pile, picks up one puzzle piece and runs back. The relay continues until all of the pieces have been retrieved and the team has pieced the verse together.

Balloon Pop Relay

An active relay gets older teens moving while testing their knowledge of specific Bible verses. Prepare for a balloon pop relay by writing 20 to 30 Bible verses on small strips of paper, including one verse for each player. Place each verse inside a balloon and blow it up. Place the balloons in a large box about 30 feet from the starting line. Place a chair in front of each team, setting two plastic cups under each chair. Label one cup "New Testament" and the other "Old Testament." To play, each team forms a single file line behind their chair. On the signal, the first person from each team runs to the box to retrieve a balloon and runs back to the chair to pop it by sitting on it. Then, they must read the Bible verse and determine whether it goes in the Old Testament or the New Testament cup. Play continues until all players have had a turn. The team with the most correct answers wins.

Text-It Relay

Today's teens are commonly distracted by texting on smartphones. Embrace this technology with a game that allows older teens to use their phones in the relay. Prepare for a Text-It relay by coding one Bible verse for each team using numbers on the key pad instead of letters. For example, "God so loved," would be coded as "453 76 56833." The first team to decode the verse correctly, write it on paper and rush it to a designated spot wins.

Telephone Relay

Adapt the classic campfire game Telephone for a playful way to learn Bible verses. Write one verse for each team on a small piece of paper. Teams can form a line or sit in a circle. On the signal, one person on each team must read the verse and then whisper it into the ear of the next person. The second person cannot ask any questions or ask the first person to repeat it. The second person must then whisper the verse to the third person. Play continues until the last person in the group has heard the verse. The last person must then announce the verse to the game coordinator to determine how close they are to the original verse. The team closest to the original verse wins.

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