Bikinis come in a variety of cuts for different body types.

Bikini Guide for Body Types

by Pamela Simmons

Forget what you've heard -- there's a bikini out there for everyone. The key to looking good in a two-piece is to find one that best suits your body type. Once you know what works and doesn't work for your shape, you can snag a swimsuit that will perfectly complement your figure.

Boy Shaped

Boy-shaped ladies want to create curves. Pull this off with a triangle bikini top. If you have a small bust, a bit of padding also helps. If you don't want padding, but still yearn for a bit more bust, tops with ruffles, embellishments or ones with horizontal stripes will add just the right amount of volume to fill out your shape. Ruffles, embellishments and stripes also work on your bottom half, giving your body sultry curves you'll definitely want to show off.

Apple Shaped

If you're apple shaped, you carry more weight in your midsection. A tankini with a bit of ruching detail camouflages your problem area. A retro high-waist bottom is also a stylish option. Pair with a bikini in a bra top-silhouette. This 50s pinup-inspired look shows a sexy strip of skin while flattening your tummy.

Pear Shaped

Pear-shaped ladies are slimmer up top and bigger on bottom. Lead the eye upward by opting for a sexy top in a bright shade or print, and pair it with a bottom in a dark solid-color. To help lengthen your legs and get the best bottom coverage, try a tie-side bottom that lets you position the bikini where it most flatters you. If you'd rather cover up your hips and bottom a bit more, cheekster boy-shorts are trendy and do the trick.

Bigger Bust

If you have a larger bust, look for bikini tops that come in bra sizes to ensure the best coverage for your shape. Underwire is a large-busted woman's best friend -- it gives you the added support you need to feel comfortable in your bikini. As cute as they are, string bikinis aren't particularly practical for ladies with larger breasts. Instead, opt for bikini tops with thick straps which lend additional lift -- a halter style is especially supportive and flattering to C cups and up.

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