Keep the decorations simple.

Birthday Party Decoration Tips

by Shelley Frost

Like the cake and presents, decorations are a key element to birthday parties, especially for a kids' party. The decorations set the mood and carry the theme throughout the party area while adding a little touch of magic for the kids. Birthday party decorations don't have to cost a fortune. Keep your budget in mind as you choose your party decor.

Choose a Theme

A theme gives you direction when planning the party decorations. The theme also makes the party more appealing to the birthday child. Party supply stores sell themed sets of decorations and party supplies, including balloons, pinatas, tablecloths, plates, napkins, streamers, wall decorations, centerpieces and hanging decorations. The selection allows you to pick and choose, based on your budget and preferences.

Add a Personal Touch

Personalizing the party decorations makes the birthday child feel more special. A banner with the child's name on it greets the guests with a touch of personalization. You can make your own banner using either poster board or canvas as the background and paint to add the wording. Party supply stores sometimes offer printed banners and supplies with the birthday child's name on them. Choosing a theme that the birthday child likes also adds a personal touch to the party because it reflects her personality.

Keep It Simple

Simple decorations keep the budget low while still adding a festive touch to the birthday party. Keeping it simple also reduces the stress on you on party day when you likely have several duties. Choose a few main decorations to create the focal points in the party area. You might use a large banner, balloon bouquet or shaped cardboard cutout related to the theme. Balloons and streamers are a classic option for kids' parties that work well as accents. The bright colors appeal to kids and the balloons become entertainment that the kids can toss.

Make Interactive Decorations

Interactive decorations keep the kids entertained while adding ambiance to the party. A themed play area is an easy way to incorporate both decoration and activity. For example, a pirate-themed party might include a large pirate ship made from a refrigerator box. The pirate ship adds to the party theme plus the kids get a chance to play in it. Eye patches and other pirate costume elements add to the entertainment.

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