Birthday party checklists can help planners who have hectic lifestyles.

Birthday Party Supply Checklist

by Doug Hewitt

Birthday parties can be a great deal of fun for parents and children alike, but hectic lifestyles can interrupt party planning. Some parents may even rush in at the last-minute to pick up party items. Even for the seasoned parent, a checklist can help ensure the birthday party goes well. While few parents may forget about the all-important birthday cake, the birthday banner may be forgotten in the rush of daily living. Keep a birthday party checklist handy, and make the party a grand success.


Invitations provide an important way to let those who are invited to the party get the necessary facts, such as the time and date of the party. Invitations also may indicate what kind of clothing to bring, which is especially important if there will be swimming or water play at the party. Before the invitations go out, parents can put together a guest list. The guest list allows everyone in the planning process to know how many to prepare for.


While decorations may not be considered necessary for a successful party, they can certainly add to a festive atmosphere and help party-goers get in a celebratory mood. Before deciding on the specifics for the decorations, such as the colors, party planners can decide if they want the birthday party to have a theme, such as a circus or rodeo theme. The decorations can then be tailored to the theme. Decorations on the birthday party list can include banners, confetti, lights, streamers and balloons.

Food and Tableware

A birthday party supply list would not be complete without the birthday cake and candles. Paper plates and plastic cutlery are needed to eat the cake, so they come next on the list. Paper cups and napkins help to round out the list of what's needed for the cake-eating ceremony. Food and drinks are also needed on the list to fill up those cups and plates. A table cover is an item on the list that will help in the clean-up process after the party's over.

Games and Activities

When children get together for a birthday party, they may have a few extra calories to burn off. The celebratory atmosphere may add to the excitement. Putting games on a birthday list will help provide an outlet for all that excess energy. This can include a piñata, party hats and horns, party favors and craft kits. Depending on the games planned, balls or other game gear need to put on the list.

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