Actress Heather Locklear rocks a black skirt with a sheer black tank top for a monochromatic look.

Black Skirt Outfit Ideas

by Sara Cantu

A black skirt is an incredibly versatile garment that deserves a home in every mom's closet. Whether it's styled with a crisp, white button-down for the office to a sexy top for a night out, black skirts are the perfect starter item to help you build an endless supply of chic ensembles.


Pairing a black skirt with a button-down blouse is the quickest way to create a stylishly appropriate office outfit. Whether your top is white or a vibrant solid color, a button-down shirt or blouse paired with a pencil skirt will create a sleek silhouette ideal for both business and social occasions. Style this great combination with sleek black peep-toe pumps for a perfectly cohesive, polished outfit. Leave a few buttons unbuttoned and let a statement necklace or drop pendant peek through for a subtle dose of glamour.

Tank Tops

A solid-colored or printed tank top is an on-trend option to pair with your black skirt. Black maxi skirts go well with simple tank tops -- just add a necklace or decorative earrings to take this to the next level of chic. A pleated black skirt combined with a sassy graphic tank top is a great going-out look that's casual and trendy at once. Maxis, pencil skirts and flouncy skirts all pair well with a wide variety of tank-top styles. Choose a neutral-shaded tank like sheer white, tan or black to go with a black skirt for an easy transitional outfit that can be changed with the addition or removal of layers.


While a simple tee isn't always the most sophisticated way to sport a black skirt, it's an easy, effortless look. Whether your black skirt is comprised of comfy cotton or stylish leather, a T-shirt can be the perfect pairing if cool and casual is the vibe you're after. Wear a plain white tee with a black skirt and metallic accessories for a simple look, or choose a graphic tee with a band logo for something cute and edgy.

Embellished Blouses

An embellished blouse is an easy way to completely transform the look of a simple black skirt. Pair a fitted gold sequined top with a black pencil skirt for a glamorous look, or opt for a long-sleeved beaded top and black skirt to radiate sophistication. For an elegant look that's perfect for dinner, drinks or the theatre, a silky white tank and a black skirt and sequined jacket will score style points every time.

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