Create a Collie's coat with craft bits.

Black & White Border Collie Crafts for Kids

by Lisa Walker

You're not barking mad to attempt a black and white Border Collie dog craft with your kiddo -- this dog's distinctive-looking coat can actually work well in painting and making projects. This canine may also hold extra appeal for your little one when he hears how the dog breed can be used to herd sheep.


Print out -- or draw if you are artistic -- a picture of a Border Collie or Border Collie face. Help your kiddo find materials to stick on for its black and white fur. Ideas include cotton balls, toilet paper, black wool or bits of black material. His fingers may resemble a Border Collie when he's done as well! Cut lots of black and white squares from magazines or card stock -- a preschooler may enjoy practicing his fine motor skills by helping you do this. Have him stick the squares to turn a picture or print-out into a collage that you will be proud to hang on your wall.


Look at some photographs of Border Collies and encourage your preschooler to create her own in paint -- a toddler may prefer to color a print-out with non-toxic paint. You could talk about how the brush looks like a dog's fur and see if she can make the fur pattern by dabbing with the brush. Ask her, "What happens when the black and white paint mix together? Do you think this happens when the dog's fur mixes together?" Print some Border Collie paw prints in paint using plastic lids or circles of sponge. For an extra scientific painting project, have your kiddo try scribbling white crayon on areas of her Collie picture before going wild with the black paint to see what happens.


As a parent you may have already come across the toilet roll tube in art projects. This time, your challenge is to turn it into a Border Collie. Black and white paint or crayons are a good start, then help your kiddo make and cut out a head, arms and legs from card stock. Stand the roll on its end to stick these on. His dog could round up some cotton ball sheep like a real Border Collie. Making a Collie from clay might sound like a complicated task, but it doesn't need to be. Let your kiddo get messy sticking lumps of air-drying clay together to form a rough dog shape with legs and tail. When it is dry, let him use black and white paint to magically transform it into a Border Collie!


Your kiddo may love demonstrating what sound a dog makes, so help her create something she can play with and watch her imagination go wild. A paper bag can become a Border Collie by coloring it black and white and adding some ears and a face. Add the same things to a paper plate and you have a Collie mask for her to wear. Draw or print out a Border Collie, have your toddler or preschooler color it in and stick it to a craft stick to make a puppet for her own show.

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