Shopping for black and pink decor first will help you choose the right shade of pink for wall color.

How to Blend Pink & Black Together in a Room

by Michelle Radcliff

Black makes a striking accent color when paired with bright hues such as yellow, turquoise, red, purple, green and especially pink. The contrast between the two colors looks impressive with any shade of pink, whether it’s a pale pink used in a nursery or a hot neon pink used in a teenager’s bedroom. However, don’t assume a black and pink color scheme is only for young girls. These hues can also be paired in the most formal and grown-up settings.

Choosing the Right Pink

By the time you reach the paint chip samples in the store, you will find an overwhelming number of choices for pink wall paint. So how do you choose? While bringing home 20 sample cards may be an option, it’s probably not the best one. Whether you’re decorating a living room, home office, dining room or bedroom, the walls will need to work with the rest of the room’s decor. Artwork, furniture upholstery and accessories such as area rugs and curtains will go a long way in helping you choose the right intensity and shade of pink. Once you have it narrowed down to two or three choices, buy a few sample bottles and paint large swatches on boards to see how the paint color looks when dry and under different lighting such as natural daylight and artificial light from lamps and other fixtures.

Developing a Complete Pallete

A black and pink color scheme will require a minimum of one or two additional colors to create a well-balanced and complete pallete for decorating a room. White or off-white colors such as ivory, beige or cream would be the obvious choice, as white pairs well with any color. Additional hues include varying shades of pink, red, orange, yellow, gray, silver and brown. If you‘re using a muted pink, various shades of muted lavender or purple may also work. Pink’s opposite or complementary color is green. However, it’s important to use pink and green colors with matching saturation or intensity to pull off a balanced pairing.

Bring on the Black

In a true black and pink color scheme, use an equal balance of each color. In a predominantly pink color scheme, accessorize with black accents. Black frames on wall art, a polka dot pattern with black dots, and animal prints such as zebra or cheetah are easy ways to incorporate black into a design scheme. Consider an accent wall covered with a black and pink or black and white damask wallpaper, or try a stenciled pattern with black paint. Black fabric on accents such as curtains, pillows and rugs or black upholstery on furniture stands out strongly in a pink room. All-black furnishings or accents such as chandeliers, hanging pendants, candleholders, candles, silk flowers, lamps and vases provide a sophisticated, modern look.

Style, Pattern and Texture Ideas

Black and pink color schemes are popular for special events such as weddings, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and baby showers. In home decorating, this color combination is often seen in chic Parisian styles, mid-century styles (think 1950s poodle skirts), sexy boudoir themes and transitional styles with a blend of vintage and modern decor. Look for patterns that will enhance the decorating style of the room, such as animal print in a teen’s bedroom, damask motifs or stripes in a formal living room, or polka dots in a fun family room. A variety of textures will keep the colors interesting. This can easily be accomplished with sleek, shiny finishes on modern furniture; ruffles on bedskirts, curtains and pillows; elegant lace on lamp shades and table covers; and plush warmth on velvet, suede and faux fur textiles.

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