Lime green is a bold, fresh color for a girl's bedroom.

Bold & Girly Bedroom Colors

by Jennifer Blair

When you're decorating a bedroom for a girl, you may be tempted to go with a soft, pastel color palette with shades such as baby pink and lilac. However, if you want a fresh, modern look, going with bold colors that still have some girly flair is a much better option -- particularly if you're decorating for an older girl or teen. Plenty of bright, vivid shades can still have a feminine look if you use them in the right way and pair them with the right accent shades.


When it comes to girly colors, pink is definitely a classic option. For a bold look, though, avoid pale baby pinks and opt for brighter shades such as hot pink or magenta. However, you don’t necessarily have to use hot pink for your daughter’s walls, since a vibrant wall color can easily overwhelm a small bedroom. Instead, use a neutral shade such as white or ivory on the walls and incorporate hot pink with the room’s main accessories: bedspread, curtains and area rug. You can even use a hot pink shade to paint the wooden furniture in the room, such as the desk, bookcase or beside tables. If you want a vibrant pink shade for the walls, though, bubble gum pink is a good option because it has a bright look but isn’t as intense as hot pink or magenta.


Besides pink, purple is probably the most common option when it comes to girly colors – and like pink, it comes in a variety of shades so there’s bound to be one as bold and vibrant as your daughter would like. A bright royal purple can definitely pack a punch as a wall color or accent shade in a bedroom. However, in a smaller space, you may prefer a brighter shade that’s a bit lighter, such as orchid, so the room doesn’t feel closed in. When you’re decorating with bright purple, you can pair it with a variety of accent shades. Try a monochromatic look by pairing royal purple or orchid with lilac and lavender, or go for the ultimate girly look by pairing your bright, bold purple with pink accents. Lemon yellow also complements purple tones to a tee. However, if you’re worried about bright purple overwhelming the bedroom, pair it with basic white or ivory.


A bold orange color such as tangerine can be a little too much for a bedroom, but your daughter may enjoy a warm coral shade for her walls and accessories. A mixture of pink and orange, coral definitely also has a more girly feel than a traditional orange, so it can add a feminine look to the space. However, it’s still a bright shade that can give the bedroom a bold, vibrant feel. When it comes to choosing shades to pair with coral, blue is an ideal option since blue and orange are opposite one another on the color wheel. Add turquoise or sky blue accents to create a striking contrast that really makes your daughter’s bedroom come to life.

Lime Green

While lime green is certainly a bold shade, it may not immediately seem like a girly color. However, what makes lime green an ideal wall color for a girl’s bedroom is that it pairs well with other traditionally feminine colors to create the ideal bold, girly bedroom. You can opt for a fresh color palette of lime green, pink and white for a twist on the classic girly palette of mint, baby pink and white. However, if your daughter isn’t a fan of pink, replace it with purple accents – bright shades such as royal purple or pale shades such as lilac can both work well with lime green walls.

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