Computer boot camp is one of the many types of boot camps available for children in Boston.

Boot Camp for Kids in Boston, MA

by Melissa Blevins

If you feel your child needs direction and discipline, several boot camps in Boston might help. Some take a therapeutic approach, working on your child's underlying issues in an effort to change behavior, while others are more rigid in their approach. Some combine the two and apply their methods to help your child in areas not typically thought of when boot camp is mentioned and some are designed to teach your child how to improve in a specific area in a short time.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy

Wingate takes a less regimented approach than other boot camps. It takes your child into the wilderness to focus on behavioral issues where they believe the outdoor setting is more conducive to fixing underlying problems. Wingate aims to create a therapeutic setting where your child can be responsive, not resistant to her atmosphere.

School of Rock

With locations across the United States, School of Rock helps your child become more disciplined in his music studies, regardless of his skill level. They have workshops, clinics and private instruction in the summer, winter and spring, with each camp culminating in a live rock show for your child's friends and family. While camps in each city vary, one component that appears frequently is performance boot camp, a program in which your child will study music performance.

The Football Boot Camp

If your child wants to improve his football skills quickly and at a high level, the Football Boot Camp is a short drive or subway ride from downtown Boston. TFBC operates in eight-week sessions, sorting children by age to create parity. Your child can expect to be drilled in plyometrics, agility, movement training and fundamentals, and will undergo an intense focus on conditioning. The boot camp involves non-contact football and all your child has to do is bring sneakers, workout clothes and shorts.

iD Programming Academy

If your child is 7 to 17 years of age, she can look at attending iD Programming Academy in the summer to improve her computer skills. The boot camp has four locations in the Boston area, with the curriculum divided according to your child's computer skills, from beginner to advanced. iD Programming Academy keeps classes small with an average of six students per instructor where your child will learn how to create video games, produce digital movies, design web pages and learn programming and robotics.

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