Whether your teen enjoys the arts, physical activity or needs an academic boost, there's a boot camp that might help unruly teen.

Boot Camps for Unruly Teens in Miami, Florida

by Darlene Peer

When the teen years hit, it can feel as though your child has spun out of control. Peer pressure, alcohol, drugs and other enticements can sometimes overwhelm even the best of kids. If you feel as though you just can't handle any more of your teen's attitude or behavior, consider sending him to a boot camp during the summer. It might help boost his self-confidence and help him change his self-destructive behavior.

Atlantis Academy

If you think your child's difficulties in school might be related to incompatible learning styles, such as a kinetic learner who can't sit still through lectures, your teen might benefit from a program that will adjust to his preferred method of learning. An unruly student just may be a kid who can't stay in his seat for his teacher. The Atlantis Academy offers summer programs for high-schoolers, including summer fun camp, academic camp and credit recovery. The school works with kids who are struggling at their current school and strives to help your child learn about his strengths and improve his weaknesses.

Girls Empowerment and Mentoring (GEM) Summer Arts Camp

If your daughter needs some support and direction, the GEM camp might be the right choice for her. Girls ages 11 to 16 can participate in this 10-week day camp that focuses on the arts. Classes and workshops include a variety of subjects. Dance classes include sections on afro-Cuban, ballroom, lyrical and modern jazz dance. The theater section will help your daughter improve her public speaking, acting and improve skills while visual arts classes include arts and crafts, painting, fashion design and textiles. Classes also are offered in leadership, music, photography, screenwriting, tai chi and women's studies. Classes make day trips to museums, events and arts festivals. Along with access to resources and guidance concerning her future, your daughter will also receive social and emotional support from working women and other GEM partnering mentors.

Camp Victory Military Adventure Camp for Boys

Camp Victory is in Port St. Lucie, about 90 minutes north of Miami. The sprawling 18,000 acre site hosts three-week summer camps, school break camps, winter camps and emergency short-term intervention camps. The camp strives to help your son improve his decision-making skills and accept responsibility for his decisions, help him identify and combat negative habits, improve his choice in friends, help him improve his study skills and increase his wilderness survival skills. Your son will build his own shelter, make his food and participate in both mental and physical tasks that are designed to help him improve his team work skills and increase his self-respect and self-confidence. Campers ages 8 to 11 and 12 to 17 with behavioral problems and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are welcome.

Athletic Academy

Get your teen up off of the couch and keep him moving all summer long. Located 30 minutes north of Miami, Athletic Academy accepts young teens up to age 14. It focuses on health, wellness, exercise and nutrition. Your teen will participate in character building, team building and sportsmanship training, along with playing sports such as football, soccer and baseball. A component of the camp deals with nutrition and healthful food choices. The camp brings in motivational speakers and coaches to help keep your child motivated. The camp also accepts children with speech impediments or those looking for a summer weight loss program.

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