Your boyfriend may prefer a proposal over a beer.

If My Boyfriend Isn't Romantic, How Would I Propose to Him?

by C. Giles

A proposal doesn't have to involve roses, fireworks, soppy declarations or love songs playing in the background -- particularly when a woman is proposing to a man. Your unromantic boyfriend is even less likely to appreciate these elements. The fact that you are asking him to marry you is the most important thing, so don't worry about corny details and focus on the bigger picture.

Be Sure

Before you propose to your boyfriend, make sure you're not going to be ruining a proposal he may be planning. Just because he isn't romantic, doesn't mean he isn't thinking about taking your relationship to the next level. If you're not sure, instigate a conversation about your future together. You may want to tell him that you love him, and that you see him as a permanent part of you and your children's lives. This may be the perfect cue for him to reveal how he feels about marriage -- or perhaps even pop the question. Not all couples get engaged after a surprise proposal. Sometimes it evolves naturally after a discussion about the future.

Hold Back on the Flowers

Forget about the romantic trappings that accompany a marriage proposal. Your unromantic boyfriend is unlikely to appreciate a proposal over a candlelight dinner, on a secluded beach at sunset, or on a bed strewn with rose petals. Keep it simple, writes Lori Seto in the article "Marriage Proposals: How to Ask Him," on The Knot. Your boyfriend isn't bothered about little romantic details, so keep it simple and from the heart. For an unromantic man, a proposal over a game of pool in his favorite bar could be the most special moment of his life.

Remember Who He Is

Think about your boyfriend's personality when proposing. If he's a quiet, reserved man, the perfect proposal should be done in private. If your children make it difficult to get quality time alone with him, arrange for them to stay with a friend or relative for the night. Cook him dinner, put on his favorite music and pour him a glass of wine. When he's relaxed and comfortable, pop the question. If he's an extrovert who loves being the center of attention, make it a public affair. For example, buy tickets for you and your boyfriend to watch his favorite local band perform. Contact the band before the gig and ask if you can dedicate a song to your boyfriend, suggests Seto. At the end of the song, go onto the stage, grab the microphone and propose.

Do it Differently

You've seen the man-on-bended-knee proposal in romantic movies. Don't try to replicate this when you pop the question. Stand up tall and look into your boyfriend's eyes, suggests Remember, you're not going for the traditional romantic proposal. Only around nine percent of proposals are from women to men, so embrace the fact that you are doing something out of the ordinary.

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