Tree branches create the base for easy DIY centerpieces.

Branch Centerpiece Arts & Crafts

by Jenna Fletcher

Branch centerpieces brighten up any table and are appropriate for any season. Making your own branch centerpieces is an easy project that can involve even very young children. Get the kids interested by having a scavenger hunt in the backyard for branches to use and having them help decorate the centerpiece. Around holidays, making these centerpieces to go with the decor of the upcoming celebration will get the kids excited.

Gathering and Drying Branches

When making a branch centerpiece, gathering your own branches to use saves you money and can be a fun activity to do with your children. After a windy day, have your kids go on a scavenger hunt in the backyard for fallen branches. You can also cut some branches off of trees yourself using hedge clippers. Before bringing the branches inside, allow the sap to dry thoroughly unless using branches with flowers such as forsythias. Bring those in immediately and put them in water. If collecting your own branches is not an option, you can buy branches from many florists, and faux branches may be purchased from many retailers including craft and home decor stores.

Choosing and Preparing the Proper Vase

Consider the size of the branches that are being used to make your centerpiece and the size of the desired centerpiece. If the branches are very tall, use a taller vase to keep the branches in the desired position. On the other hand, if you are hoping to make a wider centerpiece, consider inserting your branches into a wide plastic-lined basket with a piece of soaked florist foam cut to fit the inside of the basket. Arranging your branches in the florist foam will keep them snugly in place inside the basket or vase.

Seasonal Celebrations

Branch centerpieces can be decorated to suit any season. For a Halloween centerpiece, spray paint your branches black and adorn them with fake spider webs and plastic spiders. For a Christmas centerpiece, consider using pine branches instead of wooden branches and incorporate other seasonal greens into the arrangement. If you would still prefer to use bare branches, spray paint the branches with a shimmery gold or silver spray paint and let the kids hang small ornaments from them. For Valentine's Day, paint the branches white and make Valentines with your children. Punch holes in them and hang them from the centerpiece with pink ribbon. For springtime, use the branches to hang small plastic Easter eggs or trade bare branches for branches full of fresh forsythias or lilacs.

Add Some Sparkle

For a very festive-looking centerpiece that can easily be customized to suit any season or occasion, add sparkle. Have your children roll bare branches in craft glue, then pour glitter over the branches to make the entire branch shine. After the glue dries, wrap some small sparkling beads around the branches. Hot glue a crystal to the end of each branch. Adorn the branches with hanging votive holders and battery-operated candles. To customize this to suit any season or occasion, change the color of the glitter and the crystals. For Halloween, black glitter would add an eerie elegance. For wintertime, using white glitter would create a sleek winter holiday look.

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