Use a light, buttery croissant for a tasty salmon sandwich.

What Bread to Serve With Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon

by Molly Thompson

You can use cool smoked salmon and cream cheese to make delightful canapés or sandwiches, depending on your mood and the event. From crunchy, thin slivers of melba toast to hearty caraway rye, your choice of breads to accompany the salmon is virtually limitless.

Toasted Salmon Sandwiches

Salmon and cream cheese on toast is a traditional treat for brunch or a formal late afternoon tea. Use soft, white sliced bread to start. Toast it lightly, then carefully cut off the crusts. Gently spread a generous layer of cream cheese and top with several thinly sliced pieces of salmon. Season with cracked pepper, if desired. You can add another slice of toast on top for a more filling closed sandwich, or serve them open-faced for a tasty branch treat.

Bagels and More

People have eaten bagels and cream cheese together for years -- adding some smoked salmon is not much of a stretch. Create a filling sandwich by piling cream cheese, thick pieces of salmon and red onion slices on a caraway seed bagel and you can satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Slice plain or sourdough bagels, toast them and top with a thin layer of cream cheese, a few thin slices of smoked salmon and some fresh dill for lighter brunch or luncheon fare. Alternatively, top mini bagels with cream cheese, salmon and your choice of fresh herbs or chopped vegetables for the perfect finger sandwiches or open-faced appetizers.

Flatbread Options

Try something different from the standard sandwich by using Indian flatbread, called naan, as the basis for your culinary creation. Keep it simple by spreading a piece of naan with cream cheese and layers of thinly sliced smoked salmon. Alternatively, turn it into a gourmet pizza of sorts by using a flavored cream cheese as the basis for your salmon, then layer on fresh vegetables and zesty seasonings. Toast it in the oven until the veggies are browned and the cream cheese is bubbly. You can also use pita bread or prepared pizza crusts in place of the naan.

Dinner Selections

If salmon is your main course, you can choose whatever type of bread you like. Melba toast has long been a traditional accompaniment for salmon, but you can also use wheat or rye breads. Rolls or sliced bread are appropriate for a salmon dinner -- it is purely a matter of choice. Toasted bread provides a crunchy counter to the smooth cream cheese and the tender salmon, but you can also use untested soft rolls or chewy sourdough bread.

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