This pale pink Oscar de la Renta dress could go from gown to party dress by shortening it to knee-length.

Bridal Gowns That Can Be Worn After the Wedding

by Sara Cantu

A bridal gown is perhaps the single most important garment a woman will ever own. While gowns can cost a small fortune, it's possible to find some that may be worn again, a wonderful way to get your money's worth out of this piece. Wedding gowns that can be reworn usually lie on the casual side of the wedding attire spectrum. A few simple alterations can transform different styles of wedding gowns into an article of clothing fit for a variety of occasions.


If the wedding gown you sported on your big day is a sheath-style silhouette, you're in luck. This style of dress is perhaps the easiest to transform into a wearable piece appropriate for tons of occasions. "White Parties" are trendy events where white-colored attire is mandatory. A simple, long sheath dress totally works for this type of event. If you are sure that you no longer need this particular white dress after your wedding, have the dress dyed a different color of your choice -- black, navy and red are safe bets and look fabulous on this type of dress.

Mermaid Dresses

Mermaid-style gowns not only make for dramatic wedding attire, they can easily be altered to create an entirely different dress. The easiest way to transform a mermaid-style gown is to shorten the dress by cutting off the flared portion. This can create a lovely knee-length or midi-length dress. Lace and embellished bodices stand out on this silhouette and can even be made into a bustier if you wish.

Colored Gowns

Colored wedding dresses are one of your best options if a gown that can be reworn is what you're after. A pale pink gown can easily be altered into a dress you can wear for fancy occasions. If your gown is a fairly simple silhouette in a color like ivory, it can be transformed into a garment appropriate for church, baby showers and birthdays and anniversaries. Shortening a gown from full-length to knee-length generally does the trick.

Convertible Dresses

Convertible dresses are among the most convenient styles of wedding gown. These dresses are constructed so as to be able to dramatically change their look by draping them differently on the body and by adding or subtracting matching components and accessories. A convertible dress in white jersey is perfect for a casual wedding and then can be worn again and again in different configurations for many occasions, with no one the wiser; providing bridesmaids with the same type of convertible dress can personalize the dresses for members of the wedding party and give them the gift of a versatile wardrobe piece after the wedding.

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