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Bunny Rabbit Circle Time Activities for Kids

by Susan Revermann

Bunny rabbits aren’t just for springtime and Easter. You two can have a hopping good time with bunny rabbit-themed activities any time of the year. Just be prepared for all the wiggles and giggles you'll get from the kids when you have bunny-rabbit themed circle activities up your sleeve.


Spread bunny rabbit cheer by getting a group of little ones together in a circle to sing songs like “Mr. Rabbit” by Patricia Morrison. The kids can act out the words as they sing, “Mr. Rabbit hops, hops, hops. And his ears flop, flop, flop. He wiggles his tail. He wiggles his nose. Then once again he hops, hops, hops. And his ears flop, flop, flop.” You could also go with “Little Bunny Foo Foo.” Make sure to use hand motions and encourage the kids to do them, too. The short version of the song goes, "Little Bunny Foo Foo, hoppin' through the forest, scoopin' up the field mice and boppin' em on the head.”


Reading is always a circle time favorite. Tie in the bunny rabbit theme with books like “The Runaway Bunny” by Margaret Wise Brown, “Bunny, Bunny” by Kirsten Hall, “The Bunny Hop” by Teddy Slater and “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney work well for this. You could also go for a classic like “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Gennady Spirin or “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter.


Circle time is not only a time to learn, sing and share -- it’s also a time to play games that teach kids how to take turns and have patience. Hide several plastic eggs around the room, while the little ones are sitting on the floor in a circle. When you’re ready, tell one of them that it’s his turn to go find an egg and come back to the circle. Once he’s back, it’s the next person’s turn to go. The kids can have multiple turns to make sure all the eggs are found. The kids can also play “Bunny, bunny, bunny rabbit.” For this game, everyone sits in a circle, except the kiddo who is “it.” The “it” child walks around the circle, tapping each kid on the head, saying “Bunny” until he says “Bunny rabbit.” The kiddo he taps as "Bunny rabbit" has to get up and hop after the "it" child, trying to tag him. If the "it" child sits down in the “Bunny rabbit's” spot before being tagged, the "bunny rabbit" becomes the “it” person.

More Circle Activities

Instead of reading books while in a circle, you can have a "kids-speak" circle time. To include a bunny-rabbit theme, bring a stuffed bunny to the circle. When a child is holding the stuffed bunny, it’s her turn to talk -- call it the "talking bunny." When the child is done talking, she passes the bunny to someone else. You can discuss bunny topics like what bunnies like to eat or where they live and sleep. You can also have each child tell a short story about where she would take a bunny if she could travel anywhere in the universe. Another bunny-rabbit themed circle activity is to pull out some bunny puppets -- and let the kids take turns talking through the puppets.

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