Girls appreciate the beauty of butterflies.

Butterfly Bedroom Decor

by Jennifer Blair

Whether you want a delicate, feminine look for a bedroom or a nature-inspired design, incorporating butterfly decor is a surefire way to give the space a whimsical feel. Because of their fanciful look, butterflies make an ideal theme for a girl's bedroom. The trick, though, is tailoring the look to suit your daughter's tastes and personality by choosing the right combination of butterfly decor for her space.

Color Palette

When you’re designing a bedroom to feature butterfly decor, start with the right color palette. Fortunately, a butterfly theme lends itself to a variety of color schemes so there’s bound to be an option that matches your tastes. For a traditional look, opt for soft pastel shades such as baby pink, lilac, mint, sky blue and butter yellow. A bright palette with colors like hot pink, turquoise, lime and royal purple can also work well. Because butterflies flutter around gardens, you can also opt for an earthy palette with shades including sage, tan, brown and yellow, and use butterfly accents to add brighter pops of color such as pink and purple.


You can find comforters, bedspreads and quilts that feature butterfly designs, ranging from subtle repeating butterfly patterns to bold styles with one or two large butterflies in the center or along the bottom of the blanket. If you prefer an understated look, opt for a solid comforter and pair it with sheets in a butterfly pattern. Be sure to match the bedding to your chosen colors. For an even more subtle look, use a solid or simple-patterned comforter and sheet set on the bed and add throw pillows in the shape of butterflies or that feature a butterfly pattern to help bring the theme to life.


You can easily create a butterfly theme for a bedroom by choosing the right artwork for the walls. Framed paintings, drawings and sketches of butterflies are an obvious choice, but you may want to get a bit more creative. Vinyl wall decals come in a variety of shapes, including a wide range of butterfly designs. Best of all, they’re easy to apply and remove -- you simply peel away the backing and stick them to the wall. Cover an entire wall with flying butterfly decals to create a striking accent area. If you prefer a more permanent option, use butterfly stencils to create a pattern on the walls or a simple border around the room. For a more dramatic look, create a butterfly-themed mural as the bedroom’s accent wall. Opt for a garden scene with butterflies hovering among the flowers and trees or a large painting of just a few butterflies.


When you’re creating a butterfly theme for your girl's bedroom, plenty of accessories can work with the theme. Start with a butterfly-shaped throw rug or stained glass lamp to serve as a striking accent piece. You can also find picture frames that feature butterfly accents or string lights in the shape of colorful butterflies on the wall or the top of window treatment for a whimsical look. For a small child’s room, hang butterfly ornaments from the ceiling at various heights to make the butterflies appear as if they’re flying through the room.

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