Choose from among a variety of teen camps in California that meet the needs of your teen with behavioral issues.

Camps for Adolescents With Behavior Problems in California

by Ann Daniels

California is home to a variety of camps that can help direct your teenager down the right path if he has a history of behavioral problems. Whether he has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or has displayed delinquent behavior, there is a California camp that caters your teen's issues.

Orangeview Youth Camps

Orangeview Family Services offers three different youth camps for troubled youth: the Butterfly Program, the Phoenix Program and the Eagle Program. The Butterfly Program is designed for students who are having trouble behaving properly at home or at school. The Phoenix Program is designed for students with more severe behavioral problems who may have spent time in detention centers or experimented with drugs. The Eagle Program is designed for kids with a troubled past who are on the right path to improving their futures. The programs apply military and behavior modification techniques to help encourage your teenager to turn his life around. In addition to the scheduled activities, the camp participants are expected to complete 20 hours of community service and participate in a 6-month follow-up program.

California Standard Camp from SOAR

Success Oriented Achievement Realized (SOAR) is non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with learning disabilities and ADHD, a behavioral disorder. SOAR offers a wilderness camp in California that caters to children with ADHD. During the camp, teens explore different areas of California such as Montana de Oro State Park and the Channel Islands of Southern California. Some of the activities teens enjoy during the camp include fishing, snorkeling, rock climbing and hiking.

Quest Therapeutic Camps

Quest Therapeutic Camps cater to children and teens who have mild to moderate behavioral issues. Campers age 6 to 18 are welcome at the Quest Camps for youth. Your teenager will be professionally screened before attending the camp so Quest’s staff can develop an individual treatment plan. During the camp, your teen will participate in sports, art and games, and receive therapy from licensed therapists or psychologists. Quest has three camp locations in California: Huntington Beach, Alberton and Alamo.

Camp Wilmont Sweeney

Camp Wilmont Sweeney is a 24-hour residential program for teens in Alameda County who are given court orders to attend the camp. Treatment plans are developed on an individual basis depending on your teen’s needs. The camp provides services and programs for issues such as anger management, controlled substances and grief. Teens are provided with professional counseling, peer mediation and conflict resolution training. The camp plans supervised outings for teens and provides vocational training to prepare them for job placement.

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