Watermelon's cocktail mixability may surprise you.

Can You Mix Watermelon Juice with Champagne?

by Dan Ketchum

Champagne isn't just for New Year's Eve and weddings. When mixed with sweet watermelon juice, champagne cocktails make for a refreshing grown-up drink during your downtime, whether paired with savory dishes or accenting a balmy night on the back porch. The short answer to the question “can you mix watermelon juice with champagne” is a resounding “yes,” but the real juicy info lies in how you'll do the mixing.


The mimosa, usually made with chilled champagne and orange juice, is the most classic of all champagne cocktails, but it isn't the exclusive domain of citrus. Mix watermelon juice with a cup of light champagne -- such as Asti -- at a juice-to-wine ratio of about 2:1. Serve in chilled champagne flutes for a breezy summer cocktail.


Spanish sangria traditionally features fresh fruit floating in red wine, but this version of the drink mixes it up with watermelon and a bit of the bubbly. Rather than using juice from the get-go, watermelon champagne sangria starts with fresh chopped melon -- as the fruit steeps, the natural juices mingle with the champagne. To make this cocktail, cube and deseed watermelon, oranges, bananas and grapes into bite-sized bits. Thoroughly toss them together until they're nice and juicy, distribute them into champagne glasses, pour the wine over the fruit and serve.

More Watermelon Cocktails

For a simple watermelon-champagne cocktail, sometimes called watermelon-champagne punch, combine watermelon puree or juice and champagne in equal parts with a few pinches of sugar. Watermelon and champagne go well with plenty of other cocktail mixers -- experiment with flavors such as crushed mint leaves, lime, vanilla-infused vodka and triple sec to come up with your own distinct cocktail combos.

Other Champagne Cocktails

Although sometimes overlooked at a cocktail mixer, champagne goes with plenty of fresh fruit juices. Champagne, lime juice, gin, a splash of simple syrup and a sprig of mint make a Southside Royale while equal parts champagne, Lillet and lemon juice make the lemony Platinum Sparkle. For an exotic cocktail, mix champagne, tangerine juice, lime juice and yuzu juice -- from the Japanese citrus fruit of the same name -- to create the tangy Sour Cherry-Yuzu Bellini.

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