Thin out your nail polish in a just a few seconds.

What Can You Put in Nail Polish to Make it Less Thick?

by Pamela Simmons

Pulling out your favorite nail polish just to discover it's thick and clumpy can be a real downer. Instead of throwing your too-thick polish out, find ways to thin it. Your polish can be restored to it's former glory -- the key is simply to learn a few restorative tricks.

Use Polish Thinner

A few drops of nail polish thinner works like a charm. After dropping in the thinner, gently shake your bottle to incorporate well. Apply polish to one nail to test results. If your polish is too thick, try another drop. Gently shake and apply again. Nail polish thinner can be found at beauty supplies stores.

Try Acetone

If you don't have nail polish thinner handy, use acetone instead. Apply a few drops just as you would with thinner. Gently shake and apply. However, once you mix acetone with your polish, your color won't be usable for much longer. Acetone can cause polish to separate in the bottle, so only go this route if you're planning on throwing your polish out soon.

Other Options

Before applying thinner, another quick trick might work. Turn your bottle upside down. This will help to distribute color that may have settled on the bottom of the bottle. Gently roll the bottle between your palms. This will mix your polish while the heat from your hands will warm it, which will help to thin it out. Repeat this a few times if needed.

Storing Your Polish

A common myth is to store your polish in the fridge to extend its shelf life. In actuality, keeping polish in the refrigerator can cause it to thicken more quickly. Once polish is cold, you'll have to wait for it to reach room temperature before you apply. Most polishes come with preservatives anyway, so store it at room temperature to make it last its longest.

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