Short-waisted men should incorporate cardio into their routine to burn belly fat.

How Can a Short Waisted Male Lose Stomach Fat?

by Mya Passmore

Much like short-waisted women, men with short torsos often suffer from the same problem -- stubborn belly fat. Shorter torsos don’t allow ample space for the internal organs and they certainly don't allow enough room for accumulated abdominal fat to spread out. But the weight-loss process for short-waisted men with belly fat is generally the same as any weight-loss program. Exercise cannot spot reduce fat in specific locations -- not even the belly.

Fat Accumulation

According to “The Telegraph,” fat accumulates in the body within just a few hours, not days later like once thought. Fat enters the bloodstream after only an hour, and within three to four hours it accumulates in the waist area. So, it’s extremely important, especially for short-waisted men, to stay away from saturated fats since the fat naturally gravitates and accumulates in the ab region.

Limit Fructose Consumption

A study conducted by the Georgia Health Sciences University concluded that fructose -- a form of sugar usually found in soft drinks and snacks -- increases abdominal fat. Five hundred and fifty-nine adolescents were analyzed. Those who consumed large amounts of fructose also had high blood pressure and lower levels of HDL -- the good cholesterol. Short-torsoed men should especially avoid simple sugars and fats, as they will lead to a continual build-up of belly fat. Instead, fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat should be consumed to limit fat in the abdominal region.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Whether walking, jogging or elliptical training, cardiovascular exercise performed for at least 30 minutes three to five times a week will help you lose visceral fat. Since there is no way to spot reduce fat, cardio is the next best option because it burns calories from the fat stores all over the body, not just the belly. The American College of Sports Medicine specifically recommends at least 150 to 250 minutes of moderate cardio a week to lose weight. Of course, exercising for even longer than the recommended 250 minutes will result in even greater weight-loss results.

Strength Training

According to Men’s Health, strength training is an important part of a belly-fat weight-loss program. Not only does it build lean muscle, but it also boosts metabolism. Generally, the more muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn. Abdominal exercises can increase muscle, but building the large muscle groups in addition to the abs -- the hamstrings and quads -- will have the greatest fat-burning effect since they’ll burn more calories. Although there are no specific exercises to help short-waisted men lose belly fat, they should take advantage of the strength training exercises that can help them build muscle more easily. For instance, according to Muscle &, short-waisted men are better suited for deadlifts than the bench press. Short-waisted men with long arms will find the conventional deadlift easier to perform, while those with shorter arms may find the sumo deadlift easier.

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