You can use cream cheese in place of egg in brownie mix.

Can You Substitute Eggs With Cream Cheese in a Brownie Mix?

by Shailynn Krow

Brownie mixes are prepackaged and ready-to-go -- all you need are a few choice ingredients and you’ll have freshly baked brownies in less than an hour. Whether you’re out of eggs or simply don’t eat them, cream cheese is a viable substitute for eggs in standard brownie mixes.


In baking, eggs bind ingredients together and add moisture to the mixture. When brownie mixes use minimal leavening agents -- baking soda or baking powder -- the egg also adds airiness and structure that help the brownies rise in the oven. Eggs also add texture to baked goods. So, when you substitute eggs for another ingredient, the texture of your final product may be different than you’re used to.


When using cream cheese in a brownie mix, use a 1/4 cup cream cheese for every one egg called for in the recipe. Stick to a plain cream cheese, rather than a flavored type, to avoid altering the taste of your brownies. Cream cheese is substituted similar to silken tofu in baking recipes.


Cream cheese does not contain the same leavening proteins and components as an egg. So, your brownies will have a denser, richer texture than brownies cooked with eggs. The flavor may also be different when you use cream cheese. You might notice a tangy aftertaste. If you wish, you can use a strawberry, blueberry or other fruit variety cream cheese to help overcome the tangy flavor of plain cream cheese.


Brownie mixes are versatile when it comes to substituting eggs. If you’re out of cream cheese or you don’t like the outcome after using it, there are alternative substitutes. Use a 1/3 cup applesauce for every one egg. Or, use 1/4 cup yogurt for every one egg. A 1/2 cup pureed or mashed banana can be used for every one egg required.

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