You have plenty of styling options during pregnancy.

What Can You Wear While Being Pregnant?

by Pamela Simmons

Figuring out how to best dress during your pregnancy can be tough -- especially if you're a first-time mother. Maternity dressing doesn't necessarily require overhauling your wardrobe, and it also doesn't mean you have to look dowdy. There are plenty of things pregnant ladies can wear that are comfortable, wearable and chic.

Comfort is Key

Your pregnancy is a time to stay comfortable. This doesn't just mean buying clothes that feel good; it also means sticking to your style. Just because your tummy is growing doesn't mean your look has to drastically change. If you like more fitted pieces, show off your new shape in them. If you're more into flowy frocks and tops, wear those in confidence.


While your stomach grows, your breasts will grow too, so at some point you'll need to invest in a few new bras. How long your regular bras will fit varies from woman to woman, but in general, you'll need to adjust about three to four months in. Remember, comfort is key, so once you feel your bra tightening, buy a new bra or two. When you do, avoid bras with underwire, which can cut into the skin and affect milk ducts.

Go For Stretch

Garments with stretch are ideal for pregnant ladies. They'll expand to fit over your growing baby bump and will also feel snug and comfortable. This doesn't mean you're stuck with boring leggings. Dresses made of Lycra or spandex are stylish and fit well over your shape.

Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans come with adjustable waists that will grow with your belly, which means that as your tummy expands, so will your pants. Another way to go is to purchase a support band that you will wear over your pants. Your support band will sit directly over the waist of your pants, allowing you to undo a few buttons if needed. These bands won't extend the wear of your jeans for the entire nine months -- eventually you'll have to invest in new pants.

Comfortable Silhouettes

Pregnancy is the perfect time to experiment with trends such as menswear and empire waists. Oversize shirts are fashionable and, if purchased big enough, can last you your entire pregnancy. The same goes for empire waists. They cinch right under the breastbone and flow from there, giving you a feminine and relaxed look.


Take care of your feet. While heels look pretty and give an extra boost of height, they can become particularly uncomfortable after your first trimester. After your first trimester, heels can impair your body's alignment and shift your center of gravity, which makes tripping and falling more likely. Opt for flat shoes with arch support. Try flat boots, cute flat sandals, ballet flats and loafers. Test your shoes out before wearing by walking around in them a bit. Make sure they're comfortable and supportive enough for wear.

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