Show your preschooler how to use candy canes for art projects.

Candy Cane Art Projects for Preschoolers

by Zora Hughes

Candy canes are a staple of the Christmas holiday. A good way to keep your candy-loving preschooler from eating too many of them is to have her use them in creative art projects. Candy canes are pretty, and they evoke such sweet thoughts and memories. Help your little one turn this classic holiday candy into homemade gifts for friends and family.

Rudolph Candy Cane Ornament.

Instead of just hanging candy canes on the tree, help your preschooler make a more creative candy cane ornament. To make a candy cane Rudolph ornament, glue two candy canes together at the tips of the arch to make a heart shape. Glue a red fuzzy ball to the bottoms of both canes for Rudolph's nose. Cut out two small eyes and tape one towards the top of each candy cane for the eyes. Finally twist and bend pipe cleaners to the middle of each candy cane arch for the antlers.

Candy Cane Card

For this project, help your child draw an outline of a candy cane onto white card stock. Draw lines for the red stripes. Turn the candy cane over and, using a marker, help your child write a short message to the card recipient. Turn the card over again. Press a glue stick on the cane, and then sprinkle white glitter on the white portions of the cane and red glitter on the red stripes, covering the card. Once the glitter is dry, tie and glue a fancy, Christmas-themed ribbon at the arch of the candy cane card. Tie a gift tag underneath the bow and write the name of the person receiving the card.

Card Cane Picture Frame

A candy cane picture frame is a thoughtful gift from your tot to his grandparents or for other family members. Cut out two candy cane shapes from card stock. Have your preschooler color in both candy canes. Place the paper candy canes onto red felt in the shape of a heart, then cut the excess around the heart. Let your preschooler choose a picture of herself to put in the middle of the frame and cut it small enough to fit inside. Using a hole punch, punch a hole along the top center of the heart and loop a ribbon through it to hang it on the tree.

Candy Cane Mice

Trace a large teardrop shape from a piece of felt -- either green or red. Help your preschooler cut out the shapes. Cut two small slits near the tip end so that you can put your finger through. Next, trace and cut a rounded rectangular shape, also out of felt. Let your toddler push the shape through the slits to create the mouse ears. Glue black beads just below the ears for the eyes. Turn the felt mouse over and stick the end of the candy cane into the pocket that was formed when the ears when through the slits. The curved end should stick out like a mouse tail.

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