Getting rid of annoying forehead pimples can be a challenge.

The Causes of Small Pimples on the Forehead

by David Lipscomb

Of all the places on your body to get small bumps, the forehead might be the most difficult to conceal. The causes of acne are many, and often require dietary, sleep and hygienic alterations in order to finally make them go away. Even then, outside influences may cause your body to generate these annoying pimples.

Improper Makeup Removal

If you don't take off your makeup prior to hitting the sack, there can be side effects. The concealers and powders used to smooth your facial appearance and hide small blemishes might actually be contributing to these skin defects. As you sleep, your face and body heat up, allowing anything on your skin's surface to be more readily absorbed into your pores. It's always wise -- even if you have an early morning the next day and want to get a jump on it -- to remove your makeup to avoid potential skin issues down the road.

Gel and Hairspray

The gooey gels and sticky hairsprays you may use -- especially if you have bangs -- are probably contributing to the small breakouts. A key element of any acne breakout is clogged pores, including situations when your skin cannot "breathe." Any hair products left on your skin after application do just this. It's wise to apply the hair product, then wash your face prior to applying makeup.

Too Much or Too Little Cleaning

There's a sweet spot for facial cleansing. Excessive exfoliation -- more than once or twice per week given typical skin growth -- can cause small breakouts that are often side effects of inflammation. Additionally, excessive exfoliation has the tendency to evenly coat your face and forehead with any surface bacteria, increasing the likelihood of a breakout. Conversely, if you don't wash your face enough and remove dirt and oils, these pore-cloggers can lead to the same result as leaving makeup and hair products on your skin.

Stress and Hormones

The daily grind and your body's reactions to it are known causes of acne breakouts. Those under workplace or emotional stress might eat poorly and not get enough sleep, potential contributors to skin problems. Large hormonal shifts brought on through puberty, pregnancy and even menopause can create more skin oil than normal, all adding to the issue. Getting your seven to eight hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water to flush toxins and learning to relax a little can all aid in these issues.

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