A blown head gasket can affect or completely disable a heavy vehicle.

How to Change the Gasket Seal on a Whirlpool Freezer

by Cecilia Harsch

Small children seem to have a fascination with doors, and it doesn’t matter if the door belongs to a bathroom, bedroom, refrigerator or freezer; they simply must open it to see what is on the other side. When this fascination zeros in on your Whirlpool freezer, you might be tempted to blame your child for the melted ice cream. But before you do, make sure the warming of the freezer isn’t the result of a worn door gasket seal that you need to replace.

Keeping Warm Air Out

Without a good seal around your Whirlpool freezer door, the cold air that keeps your food items frozen would escape, and hot air can penetrate the compartment. Not only would this cause the buildup of condensation on the freezer walls, your food items could begin to thaw and eventually spoil. The introduction of warm air into the freezer will also cause the compressor to work harder to keep the compartment cold and increase your energy costs.

When to Change the Gasket Seal

If ice begins to build up around the freezer door, you should inspect the gasket for any signs of damage or wear. The gasket seal may appear warped in one or more places, and it may also show signs of mildew. Upon closer inspection, you may find small tears in the rubber that can keep the freezer door from maintaining a proper seal against the body of the appliance. You may even discover hidden damage to the gasket when you clean any mildew from between the gasket’s rubber folds.

Make Sure It Fits

Freezer gaskets for Whirlpool doors are not universal, so it is imperative you supply the appliance parts house with your freezer’s model number. Whirlpool chest freezers can have a model and serial number plate on the inside wall of the compartment, inside the lid, on the outside side wall or the back of the appliance. If you own a Whirlpool upright freezer, look for the model and serial number plate on the inside of the door, along the inside wall, on the ceiling inside the freezer compartment or behind the kick plate along the bottom of the appliance. Do not be alarmed if the gasket seems a bit too small to fit around the freezer door; simply soaking it in hot water or warming it with a blow dryer will release the creases and folds in the rubber caused during shipping.

How the Gasket Installs

The way in which your gasket seal installs depends on the model and age of your Whirlpool freezer. Some models have slots around the outer edge of the door that allow you to pull the old gasket from the door and slide the new gasket in its place. Other freezer models use ¼-inch hex-head screws to hold the gasket seal between the inner and outer door panel. These screws are hidden beneath the gasket and require you to lift the gasket away from the door to access them. If your freezer uses hex-head screws, the replacement gasket will come with screw holes punched through the rubber.

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