Protect your privacy with a child care confidentiality agreement.

Child Care Confidentiality Agreement

by Kimberly Dyke

Nervous about seeing your toddler on the 6 p.m. news for splash day or finding your preschooler's face splattered across his teacher’s social networking page? A child care confidentiality agreement can help soothe nervous mommies and prevent child care workers along with volunteers from exposing children without parents’ permission.

Title and Purpose

Clearly mark your written agreement with a title that states, “Confidentiality Agreement” across the top. Further enforce the idea in an opening paragraph that states the name of the child care center, the date and that this is a binding agreement. Include the employee or volunteer’s name, address and contact information in the opening section.

Body of the Agreement

The body of the written agreement should include a commitment to keep information private, such as, “I will not discuss or disclose information about children and families without authorized consent.” Note that written consent must be given to publish any photograph or to release the contact information or medical records of a child. For private child care givers, like nannies, add, “I will not disclose information regarding the family’s legal, career or asset information to any third party.”


The third portion of the agreement should feature a statement of agreement, for example, “I have read and understand the information presented above and will agree to abide by this confidentiality agreement.” Underneath, provide ample space for the parents and child care director to sign and date the agreement, followed by a space for the child care worker to sign and date the document.

Witnesses and Notary

Make the confidentiality agreement binding by providing space for two witnesses to sign and date the document. A notary should be present for the signing and can then stamp, seal and sign the document to complete the agreement.

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