Toddlers are always climbing around blinds.

How to Childproof Blinds

by Shara JJ Cooper

Childproofing is an important task that never seems to end. Just when you think everything is safe, your child gets into something else. There are some things that you need to childproof long before your curious tot discovers them. That includes your blinds. Blinds seem innocuous enough, but they can be quite lethal. The cords can catch around your child's neck and strangle her. Even if you think they are high enough, toddlers will push chairs to the window, look out, lose their balance and get caught in the cords.

Remove any loops or dangling cords from your blinds. Most modern blind cords don't have loops in them. If yours does, you can cut the longest part of the loop, remove the plastic tassle cups, slide them through each end cord and retie them so you have two separate cords.

Tie the cords up high so your children can't reach them. Do this immediately, if you don't have time to change the cords right away. This will also work long-term as long as you always remember to tie them up. Make sure they are out of reach of your child, even if she pushes a chair over to look out the window.

Add a blind cord wind-up device to your cords. You can also replace just the cords with a device that automatically winds up your cords. This works if you can't afford to replace your blinds entirely. The cords will be neatly tied up out of reach and it will only cost you a few dollars.

Rearrange your room so your toddler can't climb on the back of the couch and get tangled in the blinds. It seems like a lot of work, but with a little creativity you can reduce the risk quite a bit.

Replace your blinds with a cordless model. If you have the money, you can do this right away, or add it to your list for when you renovate. Cordless blinds lend a neater look to the window, so it's worthwhile all around.

Items you will need

  • Blinds tie-up kit


  • Look for any loose cords within the blinds. Older blinds can have broken cords that need to be restrung, although it's much easier to replace the blinds.
  • has a free repair kit you can get for your blinds.


  • Check for recalls on blinds. You'll probably get a replacement, repair kit or refund if you have defective blinds.

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