St. Barts boasts a variety of activites appropriate for your little one.

Children Activities in St. Barts

by Lucie Westminster

You recently booked your dream vacation to the Caribbean. After careful research, you selected the beautiful island of St. Barts as your family-friendly destination. Your passports are ready and swim suits are packed, but you aren't sure how to keep your toddler or preschooler entertained on this vacation of a lifetime. Coming up with family-friendly activities isn't hard in a place with ample sunshine, miles of beaches and water activities even the youngest member of your family will enjoy.


Its picturesque beaches are likely one of the main reasons you chose to travel to St. Barts. Take your little one to beaches like Margo Beach ( or Lorient Beach (, that are known to be family-friendly locations with calmer waters suitable for a little one who hasn't quite reached Olympic swimmer status. Both beaches are also popular kid-friendly destinations among locals, not just tourists, so your child might end up with a lifetime pen-pal from the Caribbean after your vacation. Even though the waters are calmer, it's important never to let your little one out of your sight while near the water.


Arguably one of the most enjoyable aspects of St. Barts is the Caribbean music the island has to offer. Exposing your little one to the sounds of this area not only entertains him as he dances to tunes, but also teaches him about local culture while you vacation. Along with street performers playing on island beaches and shopping destinations, if you visit in August, check out SBJam Music Festival ( to hear a variety of local performers. In January, head to St. Barts Music Festival ( where your little one can hear famous jazz perform in the gorgeous island setting.


The vast number of beaches allow for a wide variety of boating activities appropriate for your little skipper. Rent a catamaran or power boat with Jicky Marine Service ( for a family tour around the island. Because the rental comes with a crew to man the boat, you can kick back with your family and enjoy the scenery. The captain may even let your little one man the steering wheel, with supervision, of course, if he's lucky. St. Bart's also offers the memorable experience of taking a trip in a submarine. Yellow Submarine ( takes the entire family on a safe and enjoyable underwater journey below the ocean. There, your little one can safely view fish and sea turtles without the need to swim underwater to see them.


Eating can be much more than just a meal in St. Barts. Make trying new food a cultural learning experience for your youngster by taking her to a variety of kid-friendly restaurants by the sea. Places like Le Bouchon (no website; 97133 St Barthélemy, Lorient, 59-05 90 27 79 39) offer pizza even your pickiest of eater will enjoy. The restaurant lets your child build his own sandwich or pizza just to his liking and gives him the chance to have an interactive dining experience. If you want to show your child how to cook Caribbean-style, then hire private chefs from Cordon Bleu ( to come to your rented villa or vacation house and cook a meal with your family. Not only will your little one get the chance to experience food unique to the island, she'll also get to help make the meal before eating it.

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