Check out some books at the library to read to your little one.

Children's Activities in Danbury, CT

by Amy Sutton

Danbury, Connecticut is known as the hat city because of all of the hats that were once made there. It's home to more than 80,000 residents and while it's not a huge city, it still has plenty to offer visitors and those who make Danbury their home. If you're a mom in the area, you'll find there are plenty of interesting activities to keep your little busy body happy.

Danbury Library

Make a visit to the Danbury Library ( where you can snuggle up with your little cuddle bug in the KidZone and share some stories of adventure or just plain silliness. Attend one of the story times offered at the library, like Terrific Toddlers for your 2- to 3-year-old or Big Kids for those 3-1/2 and older. Story times help your little one work on improving listening, social and motor skills. Other exciting events take place at the library as well, including a program for 2- to 4-year-olds called Shake, Tap, Drum and Rap with Robert the Guitar Guy. Your kiddo can experiment with instruments by tapping, drumming and shaking them while at the same time learning more about music and rhythm.

Boughton Street Branch YMCA

Check out the programs available at the Boughton Street Branch YMCA ( in Danbury. You can sign your little fish up for swim lessons to get him better prepared for being around water and teach him about basic swimming and water safety. Your toddler can take a class with you by his side but preschool classes are for kiddos without their parents, so they can learn to be independent in the water. Let your little guy give soccer a try in Pee Wee Soccer or see if he like gymnastics at Kindernastics. Take your toddler to 1,2,3 GO! where he can bounce, balance, tumble, sing and play parachute games with you by his side cheering him on the whole way.

MOMS Club of Danbury East

Get you and your little one out of the house to meet other moms and little guys at MOMS Club of Dansbury East ( This club is part of the International MOMS Club and is made up of a group of other local Danbury moms with young children who get together often for fun kids' activities and events like park days, field trips and play dates. Occasionally there are also Moms' Night Out trips planned to give you a well-deserved and much-needed break. This may include dinners, shopping, movies or other moms-only activities.

The Danbury Railway Museum

What little kid doesn't love trains? Take your little tyke over to The Danbury Railway Museum ( to check out all of the trains and even take a ride on a real train. Special events are planned throughout the year that your little munchkin will love. At Easter time, stop by the museum to take a ride on a vintage train so you can visit the Easter Bunny's special coach car all decorated up for the holiday. In the fall, take a train ride to the pumpkin patch and you'll get a free pumpkin, cookies and cider. You can visit Santa's railyard around Christmas time to take a ride to visit Santa and even get an early present from the big guy.

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