Engage your child in activities to show God's love.

Children's Activities Demonstrating God's Love

by Wannikki Taylor

As a Christian, you will want to instill religious principles in your child to strengthen his faith. Your child will need to know that God has an unconditional love for him and for other people. Introduce him to several ways that God demonstrates his everlasting love through fun activities.


Traditional children's hymns can be used as learning tools to teach children about God's love for them. Teach her the lyrics to a few songs and incorporate hand movements by letting her form her hands in the shape of a heart every time the word '"love" is mentioned. The tune, "Jesus Loves the Little Children," will remind your child that God's love extends to people all over the whole regardless of their ethnic background. Have a her sing-along to the popular song, "Jesus Loves Me" to emphasize how much God loves her.

Acts of Kindness

Emphasize to your child that part of demonstrating God's love is by helping those in need through acts of kindness. Let your child help you make a batch of heart-shaped cookies and hand-deliver them to an elderly or sick person. He can frost the cookies with red icing and pipe verses about God's love such as "John 3:16" on them. The cookies will serve as tokens to remind the recipient that God, and your child, loves him. He can also volunteer to help them with any chores or assistance such as washing dishes or taking out the trash.

Bible Stories

Help your child grasp a better understanding of how God demonstrates his love by reading him examples from the Bible. Read the story of how God loved Noah so much that he saved him and his family from the flood, recounted in Genesis 5:32-10:1 or how God loved the world so much that he sent his only son to save people from their sins, recounted in John 3:16. You can even let him dress up like the Bible characters or use puppets to enhance the stories. These stories will show him that God is always there to care for his people and provide his love for them in times of trouble.

Journal Writing

Have your child write down all the ways God demonstrates his love for her daily. Give her a plain notebook, allow her to decorate the cover and let her write down a few things each day describing how God showed his love. For example, she could write how God showed his love by providing sunny weather for her to go outside and play. For a different approach, have her write down daily ways she shows God's love by helping others. It can be as simple as helping a classmate with homework or helping you bring groceries into the house.

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