Enjoy story time and more at the Duluth Public Library.

Children's Activities in Duluth, Georgia

by Tiffany Barry

Duluth is a city set in beautiful northern Georgia. Surrounded by the suburbs of metro Atlanta and the countryside of rural Georgia, Duluth is home to a wide variety of activities perfect for keeping your children entertained year-round. Enjoy activities as diverse as a trail ride through pine forests or a morning experiencing the theatrical arts.

Library Activities

Visit the Duluth Public Library every week for morning story time. Monday story times are reserved for children who are age 5 and under. Each week a new theme is explored with entertaining activities, stories and songs. If you're interested in a library-sponsored puppet show, other public libraries in the Gwinnett Public Library system offer puppet shows ideal for your young child. Spend an hour enjoying the puppet show antics at the Snellville Public Library, 17 miles away, the Five Forks Public Library, 11 miles away, or the Suwanee Public Library, 7 miles away.

Outdoor Activities

When your child is ready to get active and have some fun in the sun, visit the Bunten Road Park. This public park is located in Duluth on Bunten Road and features a playground for children of all ages. There are also soccer fields, baseball fields and tennis courts for your child's enjoyment. Travel just 4 miles to Suwanee and ride your bicycle down the Suwanee Creek Greenway. The trail is on a mostly hard surface and is about 4 miles long. Ride along with your older children or buckle your young child into a bicycle trailer and attach it to your bicycle for a scenic ride through forest and wetland.

Indoor Activities

The YMCA in Lawrenceville, less than 10 miles from Duluth, offers drop-in child care, where your child can engage in enjoyable activities while you work out. While you're at the YMCA with your child, enroll in swimming lessons and join your child in a family swim class learning basic water safety and swimming techniques. Travel just 12 miles, or 20 minutes, to downtown Lawrenceville and visit one of the many shows performed by the Aurora Theatre's Children's Playhouse. The Children's Playhouse is a division of the Aurora Theatre that regularly features puppeteers, magicians, storytellers, jugglers and musicians in 45-minute shows designed especially for young children. These family friendly, lively performances are an ideal way to expose your child to the theatrical arts.


Children ages 6 to 15 years old can attend one of the art classes offered at the Hudgens Center for the Arts on Sugarloaf Parkway. Classes and workshops focus on a variety of types of art, including clay and basic drawing. Travel just a few miles to Scenic Highway in Lawrenceville and enroll your infant or toddler in a parent/child class at The Little Gym of Snellville. These classes focus on developing your child's socialization skills, motor control, balance and coordination. During the class, your child will also be exposed to early problem solving activities and basic colors, shapes and numbers. Older children from 3 to 12 years old may also enroll in gymnastics, dance, karate or sports skills classes at The Little Gym.

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