When your kids are bouncing off the walls, it's time to get out of the house.

Children's Activities in Frederick, MD

by Amy Sutton

Frederick, Maryland, is situated near the nation's capital and is home to many young families. If you're a mom in Frederick, you need to know about all of the exciting children's activities that can be found in the area to keep your rambunctious little ones occupied so they don't drive you crazy. When your kids stay busy, they stay happy -- happy kids equal a happy momma.

Frederick Parks

When the kids are wound up tight from being stuck inside, you can get them outside to enjoy some fresh air and run off some of that energy. The city of Frederick (frederickcountymd.gov) has an excellent parks system where you can take the kids for some playtime. Join in on the fun, letting your inner child shine through, as you play a game of tag, swing on the swings or go down one of the slides together. Your kids will love playing with you. Head over to Pinecliff Park or Ballenger Creek Park, where you'll find boundless playgrounds that are perfect for children of all abilities. Pinecliff Playground has a safe, rubberized play surface and all sorts of play equipment. Ballenger Creek Park also has a nice playground, with a wood carpet play surface. There are also some wonderful walking and nature trails where you can take the kids for a hike. While exploring the trails, make a game out of it. Tell your kids to see who can spot the most birds or other wildlife.

Rose Hill Manor Park and Children's Museum

Plan a day of activities for you and the kids at Rose Hill Manor Park and Children's Museum (rosehillmuseum.com). This park was created to show what Rose Hill was like from 1746 to 1950. It is a child-friendly, hands-on museum designed for curious little minds and it features a manor house, icehouse, log cabin, two barns, carriage collection and a blacksmith shop. You can experience what life was like in Colonial America with your kids, through experimental role-play. Strap on a bonnet, pretend to whip up something yummy together in the kitchen and enjoy the giggles you're sure to get. The kids will get a kick out of playing with all of the toys from the past, trying on Colonial clothing and learning how to card wool. Make a day out of it and take along a picnic lunch to enjoy together on the lush green lawn.

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo

Head on over to the wild side at the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo (cwpzoo.com). Your kids will squeal with delight when you tell them they get to spend the day at the zoo. Explore each of the habitat areas, where you'll see more than 1,100 animals from 319 various species. Eurasia has white Bengal tigers, a giant reptile house and a kid-friendly petting zoo. The North America area has barred owls, snakes and more. Stop by Madagascar to see three types of lemurs perform acrobatic stunts. Check out some of the daily activities, like the Global Wildlife Safari Ride where you can take a safari through the zoo to encounter furry friends that you can see up close and even feed some of them. Your little ones will never forget getting to feed a humongous water buffalo or silly goat.

Frederick County Public Library - C. Burr Artz Branch

If you need an inside, kid-friendly activity for a rainy spring or snowy winter day for your cutie pies then the C. Burr Artz Library (fcpl.org) in Frederick is perfect. Snuggle up with your kids in the children's section and read some exciting stories together. Choose a few books to take home while you're there too. You can also participate in some of the programs held at the library. Babies With Books: Birth to Twenty-Four Months is an interactive story program for your busy little toddler that features music, rhymes and movement that is sure to delight. Don't worry about looking silly, join right in and sing or dance with your little one to get him involved in all the excitement. Take your preschooler to the library for The Tortoise and the Hare Puppet Show For Preschoolers. This puppet show tells a silly tale of The Tortoise and the Hare. Go to the library before bedtime for Starlight Family Storytime. Make it easy on yourself and dress everyone in their jammies so the kids are ready for bed when you get home. Your kiddos will love getting to go out in their pjs. Each week this program features a different theme and includes stories, movement and rhyming.

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