Role playing is a fun way for kids to learn about King Solomon.

Children's Activities on King Solomon

by Karen Hollowell

The story of King Solomon is recorded in the Old Testament book of 1 Kings. He is an exciting biblical figure best known for extraordinary wisdom and for finishing the temple begun by his father, King David. Preschoolers will enjoy hearing the story of Solomon, and follow-up activities will help them comprehend and remember what they hear. Parents trying to teach their child about King Solomon should choose hands-on projects and engaging songs. They may get messy or look and sound silly, but preschoolers don't care. They just want to have fun while they learn.


One of the most famous feats of King Solomon was the building of the temple. It was built with the finest materials, was rectangular in structure and featured three main areas. Help your preschooler design his own temple with blocks or marshmallows, or help him cut out the rooms from cardboard boxes then paint them or decorate them with glitter to emulate the gold finish of the "Holy of Holies," the innermost area.


A crown is the defining feature of a king. Have your preschooler make a crown as a visual reminder of King Solomon's splendor, then let him wear it as he acts out stories of King Solomon's reign. To make the crown, use a plain bulletin board border and decorate it with stick-on jewels. For a more elaborate project, cut out a crown from poster board and help your child paint or color it with a marker before gluing children's costume jewelry to the crown. Inexpensive plastic rings or bracelets can be dismantled to retrieve the precious "stones."


The account of Solomon can be read from the Bible, but young children also enjoy looking at pictures. Draw pictures of Solomon, the temple or the women who fought over the baby yourself, or ask your child to draw what he thinks Solomon looked like. For those who aren't artistically inclined, ready-made pictures can be downloaded and printed from the Internet. Staple the pages together to make a book.


Songs with repetitive lyrics can help preschoolers remember information as effectively as a hands-on projects. Teach your child "The Wise Man Built His House" to emphasize Solomon's wisdom and the blessing of God's presence in the lives of wise versus foolish men. Or, teach your child to sing "This Is The Way We Build The Church" as he pretends to build the temple. This is a cute twist to the familiar song, "This Is The Way We Wash Our Clothes."


While teaching your child about Solomon, you can also reinforce other skills. Coloring helps preschoolers improve their fine motor skills, and alphabet sheets (such as "S" for Solomon or "K" for King with letters to trace and color) can help them practice their handwriting and letter recognition. You can even teach your child about becoming wise like King Solomon by learning and listening at home and at school.

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