With so many children's activities in Richmond, your child won't have time for boredom.

Children's Activities in Richmond, VA

by Tiffany Raiford

You know you’re in trouble when your little ones say your name in a way that drags it out about 30 seconds, because it often means one thing -- they are bored. Fortunately for you, in Richmond, Virginia, there are plenty of activities for you to do with even the smallest of toddlers. From feeding the ducks to being entranced at story time to playing with science exhibits at the Science Museum of Virginia, there’s something for your toddlers to do every day of the week. You waited a long time to hear your little loves call you Mommy; don’t let them turn your name into something scary.

Story Time

Toddlers and preschoolers have active imaginations, which means yours probably love to use theirs, especially when being read to. The Richmond Public Library (richmondpubliclibrary.org) has weekly story times for kids. The stories are for toddlers and preschoolers, and each one is interactive and entertaining for little ones of all ages.You might even find yourself looking forward to this weekly story and the interaction it brings. Richmond’s Barnes and Noble (barnesandnoble.com) has a play area with a Thomas the Train table and weekly story hours for the kids on the little stage. Additionally, the Pottery Barn Kids store (potterybarnkids.com) has a story time each week.

A Day at the Museum

The Children’s Museum of Richmond (c-mor.org) has a number of exhibits perfect for even your tiniest tots. At this museum, you won’t spend the entire trip muttering, “Do not touch!” with your teeth clenched and a fake patient expression on your face. Your kids can touch whatever they want because this museum has more than 250 interactive exhibits that kids 6 months to 12 years old can play with. That means your toddlers will definitely have a blast here. The Science Museum of Virginia (smv.org) also has interactive exhibits for kids to enjoy. Not only will they be entertained, your toddlers and preschoolers might even learn a little something about science and how it works in everyday life during a visit to this museum -- and since it’s been a while since you were in school, you might learn something as well.

Take it Outside

Being outside is an ideal way to show your little ones the importance of being active and appreciating nature. Maymont (maymont.org), the 100-acre park in the middle of the city, accomplishes that nearly to perfection. Here your kids can wander around playing in the Japanese gardens and petting their favorite -- and adorable -- little animals at the petting zoo. The Three Lakes Nature Center (county.henrico.va.us) is another perfect place for an outdoor trip with your kids. They can see reptiles, fish and other animals, fish in two of the lakes and even take their own treats for the many ducks that wander around the facility. To make it even better for your little ones, there is a fully equipped playground for your littlest kids, complete with a pirate ship that will have their imaginations taking over in no time at all.

While the Kids Play, Mom Can Relax

It’s fun taking your little ones out for a good time, but sometimes you just need to sit down and let them run around on their own -- while you keep an eye on them, of course. In Richmond, you have several Mommy and me fun options, such as Kangaroo Jac’s (kangaroojacs.com), the indoor inflatable bounce house playground. Have a seat while your toddlers and preschoolers bounce with other kids their age, slide down the inflatable slides and have an overall exciting time. Enjoy a cup of coffee while your kids play in an indoor playground where you can see them at all times at Cartwheels and Coffee (cartwheelsandcoffee.com), the place to be for moms with preschoolers and toddlers.

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