You can help young children remember to treat others with loving kindness.

Children's Crafts With a Theme of the Golden Rule

by Kathryn Rateliff Barr

The Golden Rule as found in Matthew 7:12 and demonstrated in the story of the Good Samaritan, found in Luke 10:25-37, is not exclusive to Christianity. At least eight of the world’s religions include a directive to treat others as you want others to treat you. You can use craft projects to help young children remember the Golden Rule.

The Ruler

A ruler can remind children to follow the Golden Rule. Use a computer to create a 6-inch ruler with a word processing, drawing or graphics program, such as Microsoft Word, CorelDraw or iDraw on gold paper. You can also find printable rulers online such as at the KidsFront website. Once you print out the ruler, with a fine-line marker, write the Golden Rule on it. Let your little one cut out the ruler and decorate it with stickers or crayons. She might also want to add gold glitter or gold rick rack -- and then tape it into a circle to wear as a bracelet, or give it to a friend.

Bead Jewelry

Letter beads can help you child create a reminder necklace or bracelet, even if your child cannot yet read. Use plastic or wooden beads with letters and a pipe cleaner for a bracelet or plastic lacing or yarn for a necklace. Sequence the letters for your child so the letters spell out “Be Kind” with a blank bead for the space between the words. Your child can string the beads -- only while you supervise the activity -- to ensure that your child doesn’t put the beads in his mouth.

Compassion Gifts

Your little one can make compassion gifts to remind her of the kindness shown by the Good Samaritan. Have her glue wrapping paper around a short cardboard tube, with 3 inches of excess paper extending past each end of the tube. Instruct her to twist one end of the wrapping closed and tape it shut. Fill the roll with candy kisses and hugs or strips of paper decorated with “X's” and “O's” to remind the recipient to share love. Include a few bandage strips to symbolize that love and kindness can heal hurt feelings. Your little one can add a small, praying-hands sticker or picture and a similar sticker or picture of the Bible. She can finish the gift by twisting the other end shut and taping it in place.

Golden Rule Book

If you provide suggestions on ways your child can follow the rule, he could find it easier to put the Golden Rule into practice. Help him look through magazines and children’s activity books to find pictures of children helping others to put into his very own Golden Rule book. Examples of appropriate pictures include a child helping to set the table, friends sharing toys or one child comforting another who is crying. Your child can paste the pictures onto blank sheets of paper -- and you can staple the pages together to make the book. Alternatively, you can print pages from the Sunday School Fun Zone’s “Golden Rule Lesson” and allow your child to color the pages before assembling them into a book.

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