Soccer is one of many options for kids in Spokane.

Children's Sports Activities in Spokane, Washington

by Jane Rodda

With nearby mountains and whitewater river flowing through the heart of the city, Spokane, Washington, has many outdoor sporting adventures for kids. As the second largest city in the state with a population of 209,525, according to the 2012 U.S. Census estimate, you will also find a variety of traditional sports programs for kids.

Team Sports

The Spokane Region Little League provides T-ball and baseball leagues for ages 4 and older. Through Kids Sports, your children can take soccer clinics, play in four-on-four leagues, play dodgeball and participate in soccer tournaments at its indoor arena. Spokane Youth Sports is another organization that provides a long list of team sports for kids. It has softball, tackle football, flag football, lacrosse, dodgeball, soccer, volleyball and baseball. Its mission focuses on allowing all kids to have equal play, develop skills and learn sportsmanship. Valley Youth Soccer claims to be the largest soccer organization in the area, providing league play for kids ages 2 to 16.

Individual Sports

Your child might thrive in a more individual-based sport. Spokane Gymnastics has an 11,000 square-foot facility accommodating all boys and girls elements. Classes focus on developing persistence and determination in children while teaching the fundamentals of gymnastics. Trampoline training, tumbling classes, basic gymnastics classes and parkour training are available. During the winter, you can take your kids to the Ice Palace at Riverfront Park. It is an outdoor ice skating rink providing open skate times and learn-to-skate lessons. Another excellent winter option is snow skiing or snowboarding. Mount Spokane is a ski resort providing private lessons for ages 3 and older and group lessons for ages 7 and older.

Adventure Sports

At Sky High Sports, your kids can jump and flip around in this trampoline fun center. Its floors and walls are lined with trampolines offering a high energy venue for kids. Dodgeball games sometimes break out in the arena, adding a bouncy twist to the classic game. Wild Walls is an indoor climbing gym providing various levels of challenge. Private lessons and instruction are also available. Whitewater rafting might be the adventure your kids are craving. Row Adventure Center offers raft rentals and guides that take you down the Spokane River. There are bumpy and fast tours for the older kids while the younger ones can enjoy more of a floating experience.

Sports Camps

Through the city of Spokane you can sign your kids up for the Extreme Sports Day Camp. It is a weeklong camp for ages 6 to 12 where they will be able to play soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, flag football and softball. For kids who bring a bike or skateboard, they can learn the basics of BMX and skateboarding. Spokane Youth Sports offers weeklong camps for lacrosse, flag football and soccer. Valley Youth Soccer provides summer camps all summer long with college-level players leading the instruction.

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