Be inspired by stained glass.

Children's Stained Glass Christmas Tree Activities

by Lisa Walker

Your preschooler's arts and crafts creations may fill you with pride, but sometimes it's hard to make yet another free space in your home to fit them all. Stained glass Christmas tree activities result in artwork you will enjoy displaying during the festive season.

Tissue Paper Tree

Show your preschooler how to draw a Christmas tree shape onto a piece of green card stock -- 8 to 10 inches is a good size for this project. Talk about the zig-zag lines or triangle shapes you can use to create the tree outline. Help him cut his tree out using safety scissors or do this for him. Get your preschooler to choose sections of his tree for the "glass" and cut these out -- you could cut big triangles from the center or smaller shapes such as stars. Help him to glue pieces of colored tissue paper over the holes, creating his own stained glass ornament to hang in the window or on the Christmas tree.

Glitter Tree

Draw a large Christmas tree shape, about 10 inches tall, on a piece of card stock, or help your preschooler do this using three triangle shapes overlapping on top of each other. Help her cut this out if she's able to use safety scissors, or cut it for her. Keep the piece of paper with the tree-shaped hole, not the tree shape itself. Stick a large piece of contact paper over your paper, making sure it covers the tree hole. Get your preschooler to sprinkle different colors of glitter all over the sticky side of the contact paper. She can also add sequins and decorations made of aluminum foil.

Stained Glass Cookies

A stained glass project can make cookies that are works of art worthy of a place on your Christmas tree. Make or buy cookie dough and let your preschooler roll it out and cut it into tree shapes using cutters or a plastic knife. Place these on waxed paper on a baking sheet. Cut out smaller tree shapes or triangles from the middle of your cookies to leave a hole. Crush some hard candy using a rolling pin and get your preschooler to sprinkle these into the holes. As your cookies bake, the sweets will melt into the hole to look like colored glass. If you want to hang your cookies on a tree, make a hole at the top of each one before baking. Supervise your child with the cookies, as the hard centers may present a choking hazard.

Wax Paper Tree

Make shavings from unwanted wax crayons using a food grater, knife or pencil sharpener. Help your preschooler draw a Christmas tree template onto a piece of wax paper and instruct him to cover this with the wax shavings. Place another piece of wax paper on top and iron over the paper to melt the wax and seal the two pieces of paper together. When the wax has cooled, help your preschooler cut out his tree, or do this for him.

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