Simple styles will stay neat all day.

Children's Wedding Hairstyles

by Michelle Powell-Smith

Weddings offer an opportunity to show off your little darlings at their best, including an adorable wedding hairstyle for the flower girl, ring bearer or guest. Choose kids' hairstyles that are fancy enough for even a formal wedding, but will hold up to a busy day of photos and playing. Skip the prom-style updos in favor of sweet, practical and pretty styles for little ladies and gentlemen.

Handsome Hairstyles

Little boys' hair is relatively easy to style, even for a formal occasion like a wedding. Make sure his hair has been recently trimmed in his usual cut, preferably a week to 10 days before the wedding. Choose a high-shine product, like a pomade, to dress up his usual hairstyle. Very short styles can be spiked up, while slightly longer hair can be slicked back from a low side part.

Short and Sweet

Get creative to dress up short hairstyles on little girls. For girls with pixie cuts, embellished headbands or barrettes add sparkle to a simple style. Short bobs allow for a simple and classic look or a more heavily styled 'do. Add a small French or Dutch braid along the front hairline to dress up even a short bob. For a slightly longer bob, twist the hair together, working from each side of the part. Twist and pin the hair into place at the nape of the neck to create an all-day-ready short updo.

Long and Loose

Long, loose locks look sweet and innocent on the flower girl or a wedding guest. Keep her hair simple and straight, or curl it into soft waves or ringlets. Keep long hair neat through a long day by pinning back the front of her hair with decorative barrettes or clips. Dress up loose locks with a fanciful braid, shaping the braid into a flower-shaped bun or a simple heart. A simple half updo is an easy option if you'd like to use a bow to accent her hair.

All-Day Updos

While long, loose hair looks lovely, it may not hold up as well as a styled updo. Pull her hair into a high ponytail and shape it into a simple bun. Or create a more formal bun, pinning individual curls into place. Secure with bobby pins and finish with hairspray. A single, high bun works well for very long hair or all-one-length hair; it's less practical for slightly shorter or layered looks. Braid hair back into a bun, using French or Dutch braids, to contain shorter layers. Add flowers or a bow to finish her flower girl 'do.

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