Sheer curtains deliver a light, breezy mood.

How to Choose a Bedroom Curtain Style

by Mary Cockrill

Curtains are typically made from a lightweight material and are unlined to give a bedroom an easy-going, casual feel, whereas draperies are often lined and created from heavy fabrics to promote a sophisticated, formal atmosphere. When you're choosing a curtain style for a bedroom, dress your windows to enhance the room's existing furnishings and color scheme. Choose a curtain that also provides the level of privacy you need and creates the atmosphere you desire.


Select a color for your curtains to enhance the existing decor in a bedroom. For example, in a kid's bedroom, acquire curtains in a print to match your little one's bedding ensemble. Create a monochromatic look by opting for curtains in the same color family as the existing wall color, such as light gray curtains against a dark gray wall. Stimulate visual interest by hanging curtains in a bold hue -- apple green, tangy tangerine, luscious lime, lipstick red -- adjacent to neutral-colored walls. If you have decorative wallpaper on your bedroom walls, balance out a busy pattern with solid-colored curtains, or ramp up the aesthetics in a room without patterns with a lively curtain design, such as a stripe, floral or geometric print.


Choose a curtain fabric that delivers the mood you desire for your bedroom, such as feminine, breezy, masculine, modern or traditional. The curtain material should also reflect the room's current decorating style. For example, pick out a lacy fabric to convey feminine undertones with simple country-cottage appeal. Translucent sheer fabrics allow natural light to permeate a bedroom to keep the space feeling light and airy. Faux silk adds design drama, while thicker polyester and cotton blends fashion a warmer look. Open-weave fabrics, such as linen, suggest a laid-back ambiance with an organic feel. An easy-care curtain fabric -- cotton, polyester or a blend of the two -- makes a practical option for a child's bedroom.


There are several types of curtains to choose from when you're selecting a style for a bedroom. Rod-pocket curtains have been around for a long time. They are a simple design that suits almost any bedroom style, from youngsters to adults. Tab-top curtains have small fabric loops, or tabs, sewn across the top hem of a curtain. The tabs slide easily over a decorative pole rod to provide a neat appearance. Grommet, or eyelet, curtains generate a modern flair. These curtains are designed with metal rings permanently inserted into the fabric for weaving a pole rod through the top.


Because curtains are made from lightweight fabrics, sometimes they don't deliver your desired level of privacy or insulation. A quick solution to this design dilemma is to layer the curtains with another window treatment. For example, install wooden blinds underneath sheer curtains to offer a stylish layered look that allows you to control the amount and direction of natural light entering the room. Or, hang eco-friendly bamboo blinds behind the sheer curtains for an organic, earthy feel. Layer your child's curtains with simple, budget-friendly roller shades to provide a darker sleeping environment.

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