Ice breakers should be fun for the kids.

Christian Ice Breakers for Kids

by Mark Applegate

Ice breakers are activities or games that help a group of people get comfortable with one another. You can use ice breakers to help create a fun and open atmosphere at a Christian kids' meeting or party. When it comes to activities that are both fun and spiritually-edifying, you have numerous options from which you can choose and modify according to the ages of the children in your group.

Body of Christ Introductions

In 1 Corinthians 12, the church is called "the Body of Christ." Read this verse to the kids as soon as they enter the meeting and briefly explain that as members of the Body of Christ, we all possess a diversity of gifts to serve God. Explain that the body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts. To illustrate this concept and use it as an ice breaker, write body part names on adhesive name tags and give one to each child in the group. With a lively Christian song in the background, have the kids go from child to child, introducing themselves by name and the body part on their tags. When one child's body part is connected to the body part of another, have them they lock elbows and go to the next person. The goal is to link them all into a big body and for them to meet everyone in the process.

Bible Scavenger Hunt

Bible scavenger hunts are typically a hit with kids -- and good icebreakers. With this type of scavenger hunt, you use a list of Bible clues to help the kids find objects. For every object you want them to find, supply two Bible verses that contain hints about the object's identity. The first verse should give a hint about the object's location, while the second should hint at what the item is. For example, if you choose a organ as your object, give the kids Psalm 134:2, which contains the word "sanctuary" and Psalm 92:1, which contains the word "music." Have your kids work in teams and change after each round to guarantee they get to know the others in the group. As a variation, have pairs of kids search the Bible for specific words or verses from a list -- and reward the ones who finish first.

Colors of Life

Most kids love colorful candies. Buy a large bag of brightly colored candies and set the entire bag out on the table in front of the kids. Have each child pick one candy. Assign a question to match each color and have the kids answer each question based on what color they chose. For example, ask the kids with red candies, "What is your favorite Bible character and why?" To those with green candies you might ask, "What is your favorite Christian song?" As the kids answer questions, they get to eat the candies. You can also tie colors to fun actions. For example, before the kids can eat the yellow candy, they must act out their favorite Bible miracles until the rest of the group can guess the Bible event.

Beach Ball

Make a long list of ice breaker questions that are age-appropriate for the kids in your group. Some questions should request basic information, such as a child's full name and the names of his family members. Other questions might just be fun like, "What is your most embarrassing moment?" Some questions should have a Christian theme such as "What is your favorite Bible verse?" Write the questions on a large beach ball with a fine or medium permanent marker, leaving a small amount of space between each question. Have the children sit in a large circle and throw the ball to each other. When a child catches the ball, you should call out a specific finger, for example, "Right pinky finger." The ball-catcher must answer the question that the tip of the called finger is touching. Allow the kids to spin the ball to get another question if they find the first question too embarrassing or difficult to answer.

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