Biblically based games are ideal for church game night activities.

Church Family Game Night Ideas

by Wannikki Taylor

Church family game night gives families the opportunity to congregate with other church members and participate in fun activities. Though they see each other during morning worship service, game night will help members get better acquainted. Game night should include several kinds of games to keep all ages entertained for the entire evening.

Karaoke Contests

Traditional church hymnals and contemporary gospel and Christian songs are widely known among families who attend church services. Set the stage for families to participate in karaoke to entertain onlookers. Provide the lyrics and the accompanying music to let each family group make its best song performance attempt. You can create different winning categories. Give out prizes to every family for their effort. For a humorous approach, let families create their own original gospel lyrics and perform their songs for everyone to enjoy.

Bible Trivia

Trivia games can test the biblical knowledge of families. Compile a list of several questions pertaining to Bible parables or the lives of biblical characters. Pick two families. The families must have an equal amount of members. Designate someone in the audience to keep score. Read the questions. The first family who can come up with the correct answer first, gets a point for their team. The family who has most points at the end of the game wins. As another game option, set a timer and provide families with a trivia list to complete before the timer dings.

Relay Races

The use of a church gym will come in handy for family relay races. Let families compete against each other in a Bible race. Let families divide into equal teams. Create a start and finish line. At the end of the finish line, place a bucket with Jesus costume items such as a crown and robe inside. On the word "go," the first person in each team must run to the finish line, put all the items in the bucket over top of their clothing, take them off and run back to tag the next person in their team. The team who is able to get all its team members through the relay first wins the game. Consider egg and spoon or hula hoop relays as other game options.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts will have families looking around the church social hall or yard to find small treats. Provide them with a biblical clue list that will help them along the way to find items. Instead of simply listing apple, put "Eve ate this fruit from a tree" as clue. Hidden items can be anything from candy to pocket Bibles for players to keep. For a different approach, let players participate in a hunt to find out more about the church building like how many pews are in the sanctuary or what year the church was founded.

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