Clean your diamond ring with liquid dish detergent once a month.

How to Clean a Diamond Ring With Liquid Detergent

by Lisa S. Kramer

Diamonds may be one of the hardest substance known to man, but they are not impervious to dirt, dust and other assorted types of grime. This is especially true for diamond rings, which can easily become soiled from your everyday activities. Hand lotions, ointments, soap and even your skin's natural oils often create an unattractive film on your sparkly rock. Fortunately, it is cheap and easy to clean your diamond ring at home using a mixture of liquid dish detergent and warm water.

Mix one part mild, liquid dish detergent and three parts warm water in a small bowl. Do not use a dish detergent that contains chlorine.

Dip your diamond ring in the detergent and water solution. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to gently scrub the diamond ring to dislodge dirt and buildup.

Place the diamond ring back in the bowl containing the detergent and water solution and let it soak overnight.

Remove the diamond ring from the detergent and water solution and rinse it off with warm water. If you are rinsing your ring off in the sink, make sure you plug up the sink first so you do not lose your ring down the drain. You may want to use a plastic or metal strainer to hold your ring while you are rinsing it off.

Pat your diamond ring dry using a clean, dry and soft lint-free cloth.

Items you will need

  • Mild, liquid dish detergent
  • Small bowl
  • Toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Metal or plastic strainer (optional)
  • Lint-free cloth


  • If your diamond ring has a loose setting or any other type of damage, do not clean it at home with the detergent method described in this article until it has been fixed because cleaning a broken diamond ring may cause further damage.
  • If the diamond on your ring has a crack or inclusion, do not place it in the warm water and detergent solution because the sudden temperature change can break the diamond.

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