Say goodbye to dust on your cowboy hat with a quick cleaning.

How to Clean a Dusty Cowboy Hat

by Kimbry Parker

Cowboy hats are typically made of felt or straw. Regardless of the material used to make the hat, it may get dusty if you don’t wear it often. When you do go to put on the hat and find it covered with a layer of dust, you can try giving it a good shake. Some of the dust might come off, but a more thorough cleaning is often required to remove dust that has embedded into the fabric.

Felt Cowboy Hats

Brush the crown of the hat with a hat crown brush to remove surface dust. Start at the left side and work your way counterclockwise around the hat. Do this until all surface dust and dirt are gone. Use a light-colored hat brush for light hats and a dark-colored brush for darker hats.

Brush the brim of the hat with a brim brush. Again, move the brush counterclockwise around the brim to lift the nap and remove dust and dirt.

Wrap masking tape around your hand so the tacky side of the tape is facing out. Pat the hat with the tape to remove any remaining dust.

Straw Cowboy Hats

Moisten a clean rag with water. Wring it out well so it is just damp.

Wipe the crown and brim of the hat with the damp rag. Rub the rag gently over the hat, starting at the front and working counterclockwise to the back.

Let the cowboy hat dry completely before wearing it.

Items you will need

  • Hat crown brush
  • Hat brim brush
  • Masking tape
  • Rag


  • Store your hat in a hatbox to prevent dust from accumulating at all when you're not wearing it.

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