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How to Clean a Hemp Hat

by Kimbry Parker

Hemp fabric is made from the fibers of the cannabis plant. This rope-like fabric is used to make a variety of clothing items, including hats. A hemp hat will get dirty over time just like any other type of hat. Although hemp is a durable fabric, it’s important to properly clean a hat made of hemp to retain the shape and keep the fibers intact.

Fill a sink with water. If the hat is white, use warm water. If it’s colored, use cold water.

Add gentle laundry detergent to the water and mix it up well. Follow the mixing instructions on the detergent for specific measurements, as this will vary among brands.

Place the hemp hat into the water. Use your hands to swish it around in the water for a few minutes to thoroughly clean the hat. Scrub any soiled areas on the hat with your hands to remove the dirt.

Discard the soapy water from the sink. Rinse the hat thoroughly to remove all of the detergent. It’s important to make sure no soap residue is left on the hat. Brown spots may form on the hemp from oxidation caused by leftover soap.

Let the hat drip-dry for a few minutes to remove the excess water. Do not squeeze or wring out the hat, which can distort the shape. Let the hat air-dry completely. Use your hands to reshape the hat as it’s drying.

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  • Gentle laundry detergent

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