Keep your satin heels pristine using household goods.

How to Clean Mud Stains on Satin Heels

by David Lipscomb

Satin is a commonly used fabric on shoes, high heels especially. Although it would be great to only walk on perfectly clean surfaces, unfortunately that's not always feasible. However, it doesn't mean the end of the line for your satin heels if you get dirt or mud on them.

Basic Cleaning

Brush the heels free of loose, dry mud using your clean cotton cloth. Try to ensure the heels are as free of extra dirt as much as possible.

Dampen a corner of your cloth with cold distilled water. Gently dab the satin -- following the grain -- until the section is clean.

Dab the satin heel with a dry portion of the cloth. Do not rub the material.

Heavy-duty Cleaning

Apply a dab of hand soap to a corner of your moist cloth. Form a mild lather with your finger or by rubbing the cloth together.

Rub the dirty portion of the satin material only, following the direction of the grain.

Remove the soap by blotting it with a wet section of your cloth.

Blot dry the satin with a clean, dry cloth. If you let the satin air-dry, it will probably leave water spots or rings that you'll have to remove.

Items you will need

  • Clean cotton cloth
  • Cold distilled water
  • Hand soap


  • Rubbing the satin material may deform it or create water streaks, much like how silk behaves.

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