Restore lusture to your Tiffany style lamp with proper cleaning techniques..

How to Clean Tiffany Style Lamps

by Heather Montgomery

Tiffany style lamps mimic the stained glass works of Louis C. Tiffany, son of the founder of Tiffany & Co. These lamps use stained glass and leading to create beautiful patterns and art scenes on lampshades. The delicate nature of these lamps requires careful care and cleaning to keep the lamp looking new and beautiful in your home. The buildup of sticky handprints, grease and dust dull the lampshade. Determining the right cleaning method depends on the type of glass in the lampshade.

Unplug the lamp and allow the lampshade to cool before cleaning.

Clean opaque, jade and colored glass with a lemon oil furniture cleaner and lint free cloth. Rub the glass panels gently to remove buildup and polish with a clean cloth. Lemon oil also removes discoloration from the leading on the lamp.

Use ammonia-free glass cleaner for clear and beveled glass panels. Spray the cleaner on a lint-free cloth and wipe the panels gently.

Mix dish soap and warm water to clean porcelain Tiffany style lamps. Wipe the lamp clean with a damp, lint-free cloth and buff dry.

Items you will need

  • Lemon oil furniture cleaner
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Ammonia-free glass cleaner
  • Dish soap


  • Lamps that hang in the kitchen may need an all-purpose, ammonia-free cleaner to remove the grease buildup before using the other cleaning methods.


  • Never clean a lamp when plugged into the wall.
  • Hold the lamp firmly while cleaning; the application of cleaning solutions may make the lampshade slippery.

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