Lint that is built-up in the vent is a serious fire hazard.

How to Clean Whirlpool Gas Dryer Vents & Lint Traps

by Emrah Oruc

As if juggling everything in your life isn't hard enough -- kids, work and chores around the house -- doing the laundry usually ranks at the bottom of the "fun" scale. While you can't avoid tackling the ever-growing pile of clothes, cleaning the lint trap and vent on your Whirlpool gas dryer will help make the job easier by ensuring that it is operating at peak efficiency. It also increases your family's safety by reducing the threat of a fire hazard from built-up lint.

Remove the lint trap from the Whirlpool dryer. Remove all lint from the lint trap's screen. Brush areas of lint that won't come off by hand, using a stiff-bristled nylon brush. Do not push too hard as you may tear the screen. Replace the screen if it is torn.

Unplug the dryer from the electrical outlet. Insert a dryer lint brush into the lint trap housing. Move it around and from side-to-side. Lift it out to remove lint caught in the housing. Do this several times until no more lint is present on the brush.

Suck out all remaining lint and lint dust, using a vacuum cleaner and crevice tool attachment. Reach as far as you can.

Turn off the gas valve and pull the Whirlpool dryer away from the wall just enough to access the back of the dryer. If the gas line is copper, avoid kinking the line.

Remove the screws securing the round, metal vent from the back of the dryer, using a nut driver or screwdriver. Pull the vent off of the dryer vent outlet.

Insert the dryer lint brush into the vent as far as it will go. Move the brush around and from side-to-side. Pull the brush out. Do this several times until there is no more lint on the brush.

Remove the screws around the lint trap housing, using a Phillips screwdriver. Insert a putty knife into the seam between the cabinet and the dryer's top and pry upward to release the spring clips.

Lift the dryer top up and rotate it backward away from the cabinet. Unplug the door latch switch. Remove the cabinet's front panel screws, using a nut driver. Lift and remove the front panel and set it aside.

Vacuum the inside of the cabinet to remove lint and dirt. Ensure to vacuum around the motor and under the drum.

Align the front panel's lower slots with the retaining clips and lower it into position. Lift the front of the drum as you push the top of the panel into place. Ensure the drum fits over the drum seal on the inside of the panel. Reinstall the panel screws with a nut driver and reattach the door latch wire connector.

Lower the top and push down until the spring clips lock into place. Reattach the vent to the Whirlpool dryer outlet and reinstall the screws. Push the dryer back into position and turn on the gas valve. Plug the dryer into the electrical outlet and reinstall the lint trap.

Items you will need

  • Nylon brush
  • Vacuum cleaner with crevice tool attachment
  • Dryer lint brush
  • Nut driver or screwdriver
  • Putty knife


  • While the lint trap screen should be cleaned after every use, the vent should be cleaned once per month, and the inside of the cabinet vacuumed out once per year.


  • Use caution when pulling the vent off the dryer vent outlet. The metal vent and elbows have sharp edges.
  • If you smell gas, you may have kinked the gas line or loosened a fitting. Get your family out of the house as soon as possible and call 911 from a neighbor's house. Do not turn on electrical devices such as lights, switches or even operate the garage door opener.

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