Artfully display Christmas cards and continue to enjoy their holiday cheer.

Clever Ways to Hang Christmas Cards

by Kris Gleba

Christmas is that special time of year when your home is deluged with a near-daily onslaught of greeting cards. Some cards are cute, such as your neighbor's new puppy in a Santa hat, and some are perfunctory, such as the cards your in-laws bought in bulk five years ago. All cards, however, deserve a better fate than the recycling bin or as kindling for the fire. Incorporating these cards as part of your decor will not only add seasonal color, but love and good cheer.

Repurposed Accessories

Use your current accessories to display your cards. Display the front of the cards by slipping them through the slats of the distressed shutters already adding rustic charm to your living room. Increase the country charm by taping the cards to wide swaths of red or green ribbon laid taut against the shutters. Leave the shutters hanging on the wall or use them as a decorative backdrop. Simply prop the decorated shutters against a wall to accent your holiday buffet dinner. Those with modern or contemporary decor can display cards under the glass tops of dining or coffee tables. Cut and paste your favorite cards to create a collage that will brighten any barren hallway and work with any decorating scheme.

Card Banner

Put that ball of twine from the back of your kitchen catch-all drawer to good use as part of a banner. String a long piece of twine or butcher's string from one end of the room to the other and tape in place. Punch small holes in the top center of each card and use short pieces of ribbon to tie them to the string. The same method can be used to attach the cards to the garland adorning your mantel or staircase. Larger hole punches can also be used. Cut a variety of circles from the cards measuring one or two inches in diameter and string them onto a piece of twine either by themselves or alongside freeze-dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks.

Oh, Christmas Tree

Fill in empty spaces on the Christmas tree with your cards. Again, use a small hole punch to make holes in the cards and use more ribbon to tie them to the branches. If the tree is already full, use the cards as part of your dining room table centerpiece. Spray paint clean branches white, silver or both and display them in a glass vase or ceramic pitcher on the table. Tie a variety of small and large cards to the branches. Put bored kids to work and have them make ornaments. Purchase or make lightweight frames made of foam, wood or card stock and complete with pasted or decoupaged images that have been cut from the cards.

Deck Those Walls

Not every home has the extra space to accommodate a Christmas tree plus all the presents. When you can't spare an extra square foot, create a tree out of your cards. Display the cards, held in place with tape, in the shape of a tree against a blank expanse of wall. Further the effect and put your popularity to good use by creating an accent wall out of your massive amount of cards. Use the cards to spell out "Noel" or "Joy." Take a picture of you and your household posing against the wall art to use as part of next year's card.

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